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CET code Description System UnitSU Import DutyID Value Added TaxVAT LevyLVY Excise DutyEXC
9018.1200.00Ultrasonic scanning apparatusU5
9018.1300.00Magnetic resonance imaging apparatusU5
9018.1400.00Scintigraphic apparatusU5
9018.1900.00Other electrodiagnostic apparatus not specified in 90.18U5
9018.2000.00Ultraviolet or infrared ray apparatus5
9018.3100.00Syringes, with or without needlesU5
9018.3200.00Tubular metal needles and needles for sutures5
9018.3900.00Catheters, cannulae and the likeU5
9018.4100.00Dental drill engines.5
9018.4900.00Other instruments and appliances used in dental sciences not specified in 9018U5
9018.5000.00Other ophthalmic instruments and appliances NES5
9018.9000.00Instruments and appliances used medical, surgical, denta. sciences not specified 90.18U5
SU=System Unit, ID=Import Duty, VAT=Value Added Tax, LVY=Levy, EXC=Excise Duty
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