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CET code Description System UnitSU Import DutyID Value Added TaxVAT LevyLVY Excise DutyEXC
0101.2100.00Live Purebred breeding horsesU55
0101.2900.00Live Horses other than pure bredU105
0101.3010.00Live Purebred breeding assesU55
0101.3090.00Live Assses other than pure bredU105
0101.9000.00Live Mules and hinniesU105
0102.2100.00Live Purebred breeding cattleU55
0102.2900.00Live Cattle other than pure bredU105
0102.3100.00Live Purebred breeding bufaloU55
0102.3900.00Live Bufalo other than pure bredU105
0102.9000.00Other live bovine animals.U105
0103.1000.00Live Purebred breeding swineU5
0103.9100.00Other live swine other than Purebred breeding weighing less than 50kgU10
0103.9200.00Other live swine other than Purebred breeding Weighing 50 kg or moreU10
0104.1010.00Live Purebred breeding sheepU5
0104.1090.00Live sheep other than pure bredU10
0104.2010.00Live Purebred breeding goatU5
0104.2090.00Live goat other than pure bredU10
0105.1110.00Live Breeding fowls of the species Gallus domesticus weighing not more than 185gU5
0105.1190.00Live Nonbreeding fowls of the species Gallus domesticus weighing not more than 185gU10
0105.1200.00Live Turkeys weighing not more than 185gU5
0105.1300.00Live Ducks weighing not more than 185gU5
0105.1400.00Live Geese weighing not more than 185gU5
0105.1500.00Live Guinea fowls weighing not more than 185gU5
0105.9400.00Live Fowls of the species Gallus domesticus weighing more than 185gU10
0105.9900.00Other live poultry other than species Gallus domesticus weighing more than 185gU10
0106.1100.00Live PrimatesU10
0106.1200.00Live Whales, dolphins and porpoises; manatees & dugongs; seals, sea lions and walrusesU10
0106.1300.00Live Camels and other camelids (Camelidae)U10
0106.1400.00Live Rabbits and haresU10
0106.1900.00Other Live Mammals not specified in 01.06U10
0106.2000.00Live Reptiles (including snakes and turtles)U10
0106.3100.00Live Birds of preyU105
0106.3200.00Live Psittaciformes (including parrots, parakeets, macaws and cockatoos)U105
0106.3300.00Live Ostriches; emus (Dromaius novaehollandiae)U105
0106.3900.00Other live birds not specified in this heading.U105
0106.4100.00Live BeesU55
0106.4900.00Live insects other than bees.U105
0106.9000.00Other live animals not elsewere specified.U105
0201.1000.00Carcasses and halfcarcasses of bovine animals; fresh or chilled35
0201.2000.00Meat of bovine animals fresh or chilled; other cuts with bone in.35
0201.3000.00Boneless meat of bovine animals; fresh or chilled35
0202.1000.00Carcasses and halfcarcasses of bovine animal; frozen35
0202.2000.00Other meat of bovine animals cuts with bone in; frozen35
0202.3000.00Boneless meat of bovine animals frozen35
0203.1100.00Carcasses and halfcarcasses of swines, fresh or chilled35
0203.1200.00Hams, shoulders and cuts thereof of swines, fresh or chilled, with bone in35
0203.1900.00Other meat of swines, fresh or chilled not mentioned in 02.03.35
0203.2100.00Carcasses and halfcarcasses of swines, frozen35
0203.2200.00Hams, shoulders and cuts thereof, of swine with bone in, frozen35
0203.2900.00Other frozen meat of swine not mentioned in this heading.35
0204.1000.00Carcasses and halfcarcasses of lamb, fresh or chilled35
0204.2100.00Carcasses and halfcarcasses of sheep, fresh or chilled35
0204.2200.00Other meat of sheep cuts with bone in, fresh or chilled.35
0204.2300.00Boneless meat of sheep, fresh or chilled.35
0204.3000.00Carcasses and halfcarcasses of lamb, frozen35
0204.4100.00Carcasses and halfcarcasses of sheep, frozen35
0204.4200.00Other meat of sheep cuts with bone in, frozen35
0204.4300.00Boneless meat of sheep, frozen.35
0204.5000.00Meat of goats, fresh, chilled or frozen35
0205.0000.00Meat of horses, asses, mules or hinnies, fresh, chilled or frozen.20
0206.1000.00Edible offal of bovine animals, fresh or chilled35
0206.2100.00Edible tongues of bovine animals, frozen35
0206.2200.00Edible Livers of bovine animals, frozen35
0206.2900.00Other edible offal of bovine animals not specified in 02.06, frozen.35
0206.3000.00Edible offal of swine, fresh or chilled35
0206.4100.00Edible Livers of swine, frozen.35
0206.4900.00Other edible offal of swine not specified in 02.06, frozen.35
0206.8000.00Other, Edible offal of 02.06 not specified, fresh or chilled35
0206.9000.00Other, Edible offal of 02.06 not specified, frozen35
0207.1100.00Meat and edible offal of species gallus domesticus, Not cut in pieces, fresh or chilled35
0207.1200.00Meat and edible offal of species gallus domesticus, Not cut in pieces, frozen35
0207.1300.00Cuts and offal, of the fowl of species gallus domesticus,fresh or chilled35
0207.1400.00Cuts and offal, of the fowl of species gallus domesticus, frozen35
0207.2400.00Meat and edible offal of turkey, not cut in pieces, fresh or chilled35
0207.2500.00Meat and edible offal of turkey, not cut in pieces,frozen35
0207.2600.00Cuts and offal, of turkey, fresh or chilled35
0207.2700.00Cuts and offal, of turkey, frozen35
0207.4100.00Meat and edible offal of ducks, Not cut in pieces, fresh or chilled35
0207.4200.00Meat and edible offal of ducks, Not cut in pieces, frozen35
0207.4300.00Edible Fatty livers, of ducks, fresh or chilled35
0207.4400.00Other meat and edible offal, of ducks not specified in this heading, fresh or chilled35
0207.4500.00Other meat and edible offal, of ducks not specified in this heading, frozen35
0207.5100.00Meat and edible offal of geese, Not cut in pieces, fresh or chilled35
0207.5200.00Meat and edible offal of geese, Not cut in pieces, frozen35
0207.5300.00Fatty livers, of geese, fresh or chilled35
0207.5400.00Other meat and edible offal, of geese not specified in this heading, fresh or chilled35
0207.5500.00Other meat and edible offal, of geese not specified in this heading, frozen35
0207.6000.00Meat and edible offal of guinea fowls35
0208.1000.00Other meat and edible offal of rabbits or hares, fresh, chilled or frozen.20
0208.3000.00Other meat and edible offal of primates, fresh chilled or frozen.20
0208.4000.00Meat and edible offal of whales, dolphins and porpoises ; of manatees and dugongs20
0208.5000.00meat and edible offal of reptiles (including snakes and turtle20
0208.6000.00Meat and edible offal of camels and other camelidae20
0208.9000.00Meat and edible offal not specified in 02.08, fresh, chilled or frozen20
0209.1000.00Pig fat not rendered or otherwise extracted, preserved in any way.20
0209.9000.00Other fat not rendered or otherwise extracted, preserved in any way.20
0210.1100.00Hams, shoulders and cuts thereof, of swine with bone in, frozen20
0210.1200.00Bellies (streaky) and cuts thereof, of swine, salted, in brine, dried or smoked.20
0210.1900.00Meat of swine of 02.10, salted, in brine, dried or smoked.20
0210.2000.00Meat of bovine animals, salted, in brine, dried or smoked.35
0210.9100.00Others edible flours and meals of meat or meat offal of primate20
0210.9200.00Others edible flours and meals of whales, dolphins and porpoises; manatees and dugongs.20
0210.9300.00Others edible flours and meals of meat or meat offal of reptile; snakes and turtle20
0210.9900.00Edible flours and meals of meat or meat offal of animals not specified in 02.10.20
0301.1100.00Live Freshwater ornamental fish105
0301.1900.00Live ornamental fish other than freshwater fish105
0301.9110.00Live young trout fish (fish fingerlings)5
0301.9190.00Live trout fish other than fingerlings.10
0301.9210.00Live young Eels fish (fish fingerlings)5
0301.9290.00Live Eels fish other than fingerlings10
0301.9310.00Live young carp fish (fish fingerlings)5
0301.9390.00Live carp fish other than fingerlings10
0301.9410.00Live young Atlantic and Pacific bluefin tunas (Thunnus thynnus Thunnus orientalis)5
0301.9490.00Matured Atlantic and Pacific bluefin tunas (Thunnus thynnus Thunnus orientalis)10
0301.9510.00Live young southern bluefin tunas (Thunnus maccoyii) fish (fish fingerlings)5
0301.9590.00Live southern bluefin tunas (Thunnus maccoyii) fish other than fingerlings.10
0301.9910.00Other live young fish (fish fingerlings) not specified in this heading.5
0301.9990.00Other live fish other than fingerlings not specified in this heading.10
0302.1100.00Trout (Salmo trutta, Oncorhynchus mykiss, Oncorhynchus aguabonita etc)10
0302.1300.00Pacific salmon (Oncorhynchus nerka, Oncorhynchus gorbuscha etc)10
0302.1400.00Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar) and Danube salmon (Hucho hucho) meat, fresh or chilled.10
0302.1900.00Other Salmonidae meat excluding livers and roes not specied in this subheading10
0302.2100.00Halibut (Reinhardtius hippoglossoides, Hippoglossus hippoglossus etc10
0302.2200.00Plaice(Pleuronectes platessa) meat, fresh or chilled.10
0302.2300.00Sole (Solea spp.)meat, fresh or chilled.10
0302.2400.00Turbots (Psetta maxima)meat, fresh or chilled.10
0302.2900.00Other Flat fish meat, fresh or chilled.10
0302.3100.00Albacore or longfinned tunas (Thunnus alalunga)meat, fresh or chilled.10
0302.3200.00Yellowfin tunas (Thunnus albacares)meat, fresh or chilled.10
0302.3300.00Skipjack or stripebellied bonito meat, fresh or chilled.10
0302.3400.00Bigeye tunas (Thunnus obesus)meat, fresh or chilled.10
0302.3500.00Atlantic and Pacific bluefin tunas (Thunnus thynnus, Thunnus orientalis)10
0302.3600.00Southern bluefin tunas (Thunnus maccoyii)meat, fresh or chilled.10
0302.3900.00Other Tunas meat not specified in this heading, fresh or chilled.10
0302.4100.00Herrings (Clupea harengus, Clupea pallasii) meat, fresh or chilled.10
0302.4200.00Anchovies (Engraulis spp.)meat, fresh or chilled.10
0302.4300.00Sardines (Sardina pilchardus, Sardinops spp.), sardinella, brisling or sprats.10
0302.4400.00Mackerel (Scomber scombrus, Scomber australasicus, Scomber japonicus)10
0302.4500.00Jack and horse mackerel (Trachurus spp.) meat, fresh or chilled.10
0302.4600.00Cobia (Rachycentron canadum) meat, fresh or chilled.10
0302.4700.00Swordfish (Xiphias gladius) meat, fresh or chilled.10
0302.5100.00Cod (Gadus morhua, Gadus ogac, Gadus macrocephalus) meat, fresh or chilled.10
0302.5200.00Haddock (Melanogrammus aeglefinus) meat, fresh or chilled.10
0302.5300.00Coalfish (Pollachius virens) meat, fresh or chilled.10
0302.5400.00Hake (Merluccius spp., Urophycis spp.) meat, fresh or chilled.10
0302.5500.00Alaska Pollack (Theragra chalcogramma)meat, fresh or chilled.10
0302.5600.00Blue whitings (Micromesistius poutassou, Micromesistiusaustralis10
0302.5900.00Other Cod meat, fresh or chilled.10
0302.7100.00Tilapias (Oreochromis spp.) meat, fresh or chilled.10
0302.7200.00Catfish (Pangasius spp., Silurus spp., Clarias spp.,Ictalurus spp.)10
0302.7300.00Carp (Cyprinus carpio, Carassius carassius, Ctenopharyngodon idellus etc)10
0302.7400.00Eels (Anguilla spp.) meat, fresh or chilled.10
0302.7900.00Other tilapias meat not specified in this heading, fresh or chilled.10
0302.8100.00Dogfish and other sharks meat, fresh or chilled.10
0302.8200.00Rays and skates (Rajidae)meat, fresh or chilled.10
0302.8300.00Toothfish (Dissostichus spp.)meat, fresh or chilled.10
0302.8400.00Seabass (Dicentrarchus spp.) meat, fresh or chilled.10
0302.8500.00Seabream (Sparidae) meat, fresh or chilled.10
0302.8900.00Other meat not specified in 03.02, fresh or chilled.10
0302.9000.00Livers and roes, fresh or chilled.10
0303.1100.00Sockeye salmon (red salmon) (Oncorhynchus nerka) meat, frozen.10
0303.1200.00Other Pacific salmon (Oncorhynchus gorbuscha, Oncorhynchus keta etc)10
0303.1300.00Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar) and Danube salmon (Hucho hucho) meat, frozen.10
0303.1400.00Trout (Salmo trutta, Oncorhynchus mykiss, Oncorhynchus clarki etc)10
0303.1900.00Other Salmonidae meat excluding livers and roes not specified in this heading, frozen.10
0303.2300.00Tilapias (Oreochromis spp.) meat, frozen.10
0303.2400.00Catfish (Pangasius spp., Silurus spp., Clarias spp., Ictalurus spp.) meat, frozen.10
0303.2500.00Carp (Cyprinus carpio, Carassius carassius, Ctenopharyngodon idellus, frozen10
0303.2600.00Eels (Anguilla spp.) meat, frozen.10
0303.2900.00Other tilapias meat not specified in this heading, frozen.10
0303.3100.00Halibut (Reinhardtius hippoglossoides, Hippoglossus hippoglossus etc10
0303.3200.00Plaice (Pleuronectes platessa) meat, frozen.10
0303.3300.00Sole (Solea spp.)meat, frozen.10
0303.3400.00Turbots (Psetta maxima) meat, frozen.10
0303.3900.00Other Eels meat not specified in this heading, frozen.10
0303.4100.00Albacore or longfinned tunas (Thunnus alalunga) meat, frozen.10
0303.4200.00Yellowfin tunas (Thunnus albacares) meat, frozen.10
0303.4300.00Skipjack or stripbellied bonito meat, frozen.10
0303.4400.00Bigeye tunas (Thunnus obesus) meat, frozen.10
0303.4500.00Atlantic and Pacific bluefin tunas (Thunnus thynnus, Thunnus orientalis) meat, frozen.10
0303.4600.00Southern bluefin tunas (Thunnus maccoyii) meat, frozen.10
0303.4900.00Other Tunas meat not specified in this heading, frozen.10
0303.5100.00Herrings (Clupea harengus, Clupea pallasii) meat, frozen.10
0303.5300.00Sardines, sardinella, brisling or sprats.10
0303.5400.00Mackerel (Scomber scombrus, Scomber australasicus, Scomber japonicus) meat, frozen.10
0303.5500.00Jack and horse mackerel (Trachurus spp.) meat, frozen.10
0303.5600.00Cobia (Rachycentron canadum) meat, frozen.10
0303.5700.00Swordfish (Xiphias gladius) meat, frozen.10
0303.6300.00Cod (Gadus morhua, Gadus ogac, Gadus macrocephalus) meat, frozen.10
0303.6400.00Haddock (Melanogrammus aeglefinus) meat, frozen.10
0303.6500.00Coalfish (Pollachius virens) meat, frozen.10
0303.6600.00Hake (Merluccius spp., Urophycis spp.) meat, frozen.10
0303.6700.00Alaska Pollack (Theragra chalcogramma) meat, frozen.10
0303.6800.00Blue whitings (Micromesistius poutassou, Micromesistius australis) meat, frozen.10
0303.6900.00Other Fish of the families not mentioned in this subheadng.10
0303.8100.00Dogfish and other sharks meat, frozen.10
0303.8200.00Rays and skates (Rajidae) meat, frozen.10
0303.8300.00Toothfish (Dissostichus spp.) meat, frozen.10
0303.8400.00Seabass (Dicentrarchus spp.) meat, frozen.10
0303.8900.00Other Fish, frozen, excluding fish fillets and other not mentioned in this subheading.10
0303.9000.00Livers and roes, frozen.20
0304.3100.00Tilapias (Oreochromis spp.) fillets (whether or not minced), fresh or chilled.20
0304.3200.00Catfish (Pangasius spp., Silurus spp., Clarias spp.,.. fresh or chilled.20
0304.3300.00Nile Perch (Lates niloticus), fresh or chilled.20
0304.3900.00Fresh or chilled fillets of heading 03.04 not specified or mentioned20
0304.4100.00Fresh or chilled fillets of Pacific salmon, Atlantic salmon and Danube salmon20
0304.4200.00Fresh or chilled fillets Trout20
0304.4300.00Fresh or chilled fillets of Flat fish20
0304.4400.00Fresh or chilled fillets of Fish of the families Bregmacerotidae, Euclichthyidae20
0304.4500.00Fresh or chilled fillets of Swordfish (Xiphias gladius)20
0304.4600.00Fresh or chilled fillets of Toothfish (Dissostichus spp.)20
0304.4900.00Other Fresh or chilled fillets not specified in this heading.20
0304.5100.00Fresh or chilled Tilapias, catfish, carp, eels, Nile perch and snakeheads20
0304.5200.00Fresh or chilled Salmonidae20
0304.5300.00Fresh or chilled Fish of of the families Bregmacerotidae, Euclichthyidae, Gadidae20
0304.5400.00Fresh or chilled Swordfish (Xiphias gladius)20
0304.5500.00Fresh or chilled Toothfish (Dissostichus spp.)20
0304.5900.00Other Fresh or chilled not specified in this subheading20
0304.6100.00Frozen fillets of Tilapias (Oreochromis spp.)20
0304.6200.00Frozen fillets of Catfish (Pangasius spp., Silurus spp., Clarias spp., Ictalurus spp.)20
0304.6300.00Frozen fillets of Nile Perch (Lates niloticus)20
0304.6900.00Frozen fillets of carp, eels, Nile perch and snakeheads20
0304.7100.00Frozen fillets of Cod (Gadus morhua, Gadus ogac, Gadus macrocephalus)20
0304.7200.00Frozen fillets of Haddock (Melanogrammus aeglefinus)20
0304.7300.00Frozen fillets of Coalfish (Pollachius virens)20
0304.7400.00Frozen fillets of Hake (Merluccius spp., Urophycis spp.)20
0304.7500.00Frozen fillets of Alaska Pollack (Theragra chalcogramma)20
0304.7900.00Other Frozen fillets of fish of the families Bregmacerotidae, Bregmacerotidae20
0304.8100.00Frozen fillets of Pacific salmon, Atlantic salmon and Danube salmon.20
0304.8200.00Frozen fillets of Trout20
0304.8300.00Frozen fillets Flat fish20
0304.8400.00Frozen fillets of Swordfish (Xiphias gladius)20
0304.8500.00Frozen fillets of Toothfish (Dissostichus spp.)20
0304.8600.00Frozen fillets of Herrings (Clupea harengus, Clupea pallasii)20
0304.8700.00Frozen fillets Tunas, skipjack or stripebellied bonito, pelamis20
0304.8900.00Other Frozen fillets of fish not specified in this subheading20
0304.9100.00Frozen Swordfish (Xiphias gladius)20
0304.9200.00Frozen Toothfish (Dissostichus spp.)20
0304.9300.00Frozen Tilapias, catfish, carp, Nile perch and snakeheads.20
0304.9400.00Frozen Alaska Pollack (Theragra chalcogramma)20
0304.9500.00Frozen Fish of the families Bregmacerotidae,...20
0304.9900.00Other Frozen fish not specified in 03.04.20
0305.1000.00Flours, meals and pellets of fish, fit for human consumption10
0305.2000.00Livers and roes of fish, dried, smoked, salted or in brine20
0305.3100.00Fish fillets of Tilapias, catfish, ..; dried, salted or in brine, but not smoked 20
0305.3200.00Fish fillets of Fish of the families Bregma.....dried, salted, brine, but not smoked 20
0305.3900.00Other fish, dried, salted or in brine, not elsewhere mentioned.20
0305.4100.00Smokedfish, including fillet of Pacific, Atlantic... salmon other than edible fish offal20
0305.4200.00Smoked fish, including fillets of Herrings other than edible fish offal20
0305.4300.00Smoked fish, including fillets of Trout, other than edible fish offal20
0305.4400.00Smoked fish, including fillets of Tilapias, catfish, carpother than edible fish offal20
0305.4900.00Other Smoked fish, including fillets other than edible offals not elsewhere specified.20
0305.5100.00Dried Cod (Gadus morhua, Gadus ogac, Gadus macrocephalus)20
0305.5900.00Other Dried fish, other than edible fish offal, whether or not salted but not smoked :10
0305.6100.00Herring ssalted but not dried or smoked and fish in brine, other than edible fish offal:20
0305.6200.00Cod salted but not dried or smoked and fish in brine, other than edible fish offal20
0305.6300.00Anchovies (Engraulis spp.), salted but not dried or smoked and fish in brine.20
0305.6400.00Tilapias, catfish, carp, eels, Nile perch and snakeheads.20
0305.6900.00fish, salted but not dried, smoked, brined, other than edible fish offal not mentioned20
0305.7100.00Shark fins20
0305.7210.00Cod head20
0305.7290.00Other Fish heads, tails and maws other than cod head.20
0305.7900.00Other Fish fins, heads, tails, maws and other edible fish offal not elsewhere mentioned20
0306.1100.00Frozen Rock lobster and other sea crawfish (Palinurus spp., Panulirus spp., Jasus spp.)20
0306.1200.00Frozen Lobsters (Homarus spp.)20
0306.1400.00Frozen Crabs20
0306.1500.00Frozen Norway lobsters (Nephrops norvegicus)20
0306.1600.00Frozen Coldwater shrimps and prawns (Pandalus spp., Crangon crangon)20
0306.1700.00Other Frozen shrimps and prawns20
0306.1910.00Frozen Flours, meals and pellets of crustaceans, fit for human consumption10
0306.1990.00flours, meals and pellets of crustaceans, fit for human consumption, not mentioned.20
0306.2100.00Not frozen Rock lobster and other sea crawfish.20
0306.2200.00Nonfrozen Lobsters (Homarus spp.)20
0306.2400.00Nonfrozen Crabs20
0306.2500.00Nonfrozen Norway lobsters (Nephrops norvegicus)20
0306.2600.00Nonfrozen Coldwater shrimps and prawns (Pandalus spp., Crangon crangon)20
0306.2700.00Other Nonfrozen shrimps and prawns not specified in this subheading.20
0306.2910.00Nonfrozen Flours, meals and pellets of crustaceans, fit for human consumption.10
0306.2990.00Other not frozen Flours, meals and pellets of crustaceans, fit for human consumption.20
0307.1100.00Live, fresh or chilled Oysters20
0307.1900.00frozen, dried, salted or in brine Oysters20
0307.2100.00Live, fresh or chilled Scallops, and queen scallops, of the genera Pecten.20
0307.2900.00frozen, dried, salted or in brine Scallops, and queen scallops, of the genera Pecten.20
0307.3100.00Live, fresh or chilled Mussels (Mytilus spp., Perna spp.)20
0307.3900.00frozen, dried, salted or in brine Mussels (Mytilus spp., Perna spp.)20
0307.4100.00Live, fresh Cuttle fish and squid, Nototodarus spp., Sepioteuthis spp.20
0307.4900.00Cuttle fish and squid, Nototodarus spp., Sepioteuthis spp. Excl. live, fresh or chilled20
0307.5100.00Live, fresh or chilled Octopus (Octopus spp.)20
0307.5900.00Octopus (Octopus spp.)20
0307.6000.00live, fresh, chilled, frozen, dried, salted or in brine Snails, other than sea snails20
0307.7100.00Live, fresh or chilled Clams, cockles and ark shells.20
0307.7900.00Other Clams, cockles and ark shells.20
0307.8100.00Live, fresh or chilled Abalone (Haliotis spp.)20
0307.8900.00frozen, dried, salted or in brine Abalone (Haliotis spp.)20
0307.9100.00Live, fresh or chilled Molluscs not specified in this heading.20
0307.9900.00Frozen, dried, salted or in brine Molluscs not specified in this heading.20
0308.1100.00Live, fresh or chilled Sea cucumbers (Stichopus japonicus, Holothurioidea)20
0308.1900.00Frozen, dried, salted or in brine Sea cucumbers (Stichopus japonicus, Holothurioidea)20
0308.2100.00Live, fresh or chilled Sea urchins.20
0308.2900.00Other Sea urchins20
0308.3000.00Live, fresh or chilled Jellyfish (Rhopilema spp.)20
0308.9000.00Frozen, dried, salted or in brine Jellyfish (Rhopilema spp.)20
0401.1000.00Milk and cream, not concentrated and sugarless of a fat content, by weight,= < 1 %205
0401.2000.00Milk and cream, not concentrated and sugarless of a fat content, by weight, >= 1 % < 6 %205
0401.4000.00Milk and cream, not concentrated and sugarlessof a fat content, by weight, > 6 % <10 %205
0401.5000.00Milk and cream, not concentrated and sugarlessof a fat content, by weight, <=10 %205
0402.1010.00Milk/cream, conc. containing sugar/sweetening matter; solid, <= 1.5 %fat content, >25 kg55
0402.1021.00sweetened solid Milk/cream concentrate; <= 1.5 % fat content for pharmaceuticals55
0402.1029.00sweetened solid Milk/cream concentrate; <= 1.5 % fat content not for pharmaceuticals55
0402.2110.00non sweetened solid Milk/cream concentrate; > 1.5 %fat content,>25 kg55
0402.2121.00Non sweetened solid Milk/cream concentrate; > 1.5 % fat content for pharmaceuticals55
0402.2129.00Non sweetened solid Milk/cream concentrate; > 1.5 % fat content not for pharmaceuticals55
0402.2910.00sweetened solid Milk/cream concentrate; > 1.5 % fat content In packings >25 kg55
0402.2921.00sweetened solid Milk/cream concentrate; <= 1.5 % fat content for phamaceuticals55
0402.2929.00sweetened solid Milk/cream concentrate; <= 1.5 % fat content not for phamaceuticals55
0402.9110.00liquid milk/cream In packings of 25 kg or more105
0402.9120.00liquid milk/cream In packings of less than 25 kg205
0402.9900.00Other liquid milk containing sweetened205
0403.1010.00Plain Yogurt, not containing fruit or cocoa355
0403.1020.00Yogurt Containing fruit but not containing cocoa355
0403.1030.00Yogurt Containing cocoa but not containing fruit355
0403.1090.00Other yogurt form not elsewhere specified.355
0403.9011.00Buttermilk; In powder form55
0403.9019.00Buttermil;, not in powdered form55
0403.9091.00Curdled milk and cream, kephir and other fermented or acidified milk (in powder form)55
0403.9099.00Curdled milk and cream, kephir and other fermented or acidified milk (not in powder)205
0404.1000.00Whey and modified whey.55
0404.9000.00Natural milk;concentrated not elsewhere specified.55
0405.2000.00Dairy spreads205
0405.9010.00Butterfat and butteroil55
0405.9090.00Other fats and oils derived from milk excluding dairy spread, Butterfat and butteroil.205
0406.1000.00Fresh (unripened or uncured) cheese, including whey cheese and curd205
0406.2000.00Grated or powdered cheese, of all kinds205
0406.3000.00Processed cheese, not grated or powdered205
0406.4000.00Blue-veined cheese and other cheese containing veins produced by Penicillium roqueforti205
0407.1100.00fetilised eggs of fowls of the species Gallus domesticus55
0407.1900.00fertilised eggs of birds excluding fowls of the species Gallus domesticus55
0407.2100.00Non fertilised eggs of of the species Gallus domesticus355
0407.2900.00Non fertilised eggs of birds excluding fowls of the species Gallus domesticus355
0407.9000.00Others birds egg not specified.355
0408.1100.00Dried egg yolks205
0408.1900.00Egg yolks (not dried)205
0408.9100.00Non yolk part of eggs; Dried205
0408.9900.00Non yolk part of eggs;(excl. dried)205
0409.0000.00Natural honey.205
0410.0000.00Edible products of animal origin, not elsewhere specified or included.205
0501.0000.00Human hair, unworked, whether or not washed or scoured; waste of human hair.55
0502.1000.00Pigs', hogs' or boars' bristles and hair and waste thereof55
0502.9000.00Other bristles and hair; and waste of such bristles or hair55
0504.0000.00Guts, bladders and stomachs of animals, fresh,preserved in any way.55
0505.1000.00Feathers of a kind used for stuffing; down55
0505.9000.00Other parts of birds treated for preservation or disinfected55
0506.1000.00Ossein and bones treated with acid55
0506.9000.00Other bones and horn cores treated with acid or degelatinised;powder & waste of products55
0507.1010.00Elephant tusks55
0507.1090.00Other forms of ivory excluding tusks55
0507.9000.00tortoise and whales exoskeleton, not cut to shape; powder and waste of these products.55
0508.0000.00Coral, shells of molluscs, crustaceans or the kind, not cut to shape; waste thereof.55
0510.0000.00Animal products used in pharmaceutical products, fresh, chilled, frozen or preserved.55
0511.1000.00Bovine semen55
0511.9100.00Products of aquatic invertebrates; dead animals of Chapter 355
0511.9900.00Other animal products not elsewhere specified, unfit for human consumption55
0601.1000.00Bulbs, tubers, tuberous roots, corms, crowns and rhizomes, dormantU55
0601.2000.00tuberous roots, corms, crowns and rhizomes, chicory plants and rootsU55
0602.1000.00Unrooted cuttings and slipsU55
0602.2000.00Trees, shrubs and bushes, grafted or not, of kinds which bear edible fruit or nutsU55
0602.3000.00Rhododendrons and azaleas, grafted or notU55
0602.4000.00Roses, grafted or notU55
0602.9000.00Other live plants (including their roots), cuttings and slips; mushroom spawn55
0603.1500.00Lilies (Lilium spp.)205
0603.1900.00Other fresh cut flowers and flower buds205
0603.9000.00Other cut flowers & flower buds of kind suitable ornamental purposes fresh,dried,dyed205
0604.9000.00Other, not fresh205
0701.9000.00Other fresh or chilled potatoes or seed35
0702.0000.00Tomatoes, fresh or chilled.20
0703.1000.00Onions and shallots35
0703.9000.00Leeks and other alliaceous vegetables20
0704.1000.00Cauliflowers and headed broccoli20
0704.2000.00Brussels sprouts20
0704.9000.00Other cabbages, cauliflowers, kohirabi, kale & simila edible brassicas, fresh or chilled20
0705.1100.00Cabbage lettuce (head lettuce)20
0705.1900.00Other lettuce, fresh or chilled20
0705.2100.00Witloof chicory (Cichorium intybus var. foliosum)20
0705.2900.00Other chicory, fresh or chilled20
0706.1000.00Carrots and turnips20
0706.9000.00Other similar edible roots, fresh or chilled20
0707.0000.00Cucumbers and gherkins, fresh or chilled.20
0708.1000.00Peas (Pisum sativum)20
0708.2000.00Beans (Vigna spp., Phaseolus spp.)20
0708.9000.00Other leguminous vegetables20
0709.3000.00Aubergines (eggplants)20
0709.4000.00Celery other than celeriac20
0709.5100.00Mushrooms of the genus Agaricus20
0709.5900.00Other mushrooms and truffles, fresh or chilled20
0709.6000.00Fruits of the genus Capsicum or of the genus Pimenta20
0709.7000.00Spinach, New Zealand spinach and orache spinach (garden spinach)20
0709.9100.00Globe artichokes20
0709.9300.00Pumpkins, squash and gourds (Cucurbita spp.)20
0709.9910.00Sweet corn20
0709.9990.00Other vegetables, fresh or chilled not specified or included.20
0710.2100.00Peas (Pisum sativum)20
0710.2200.00Beans (Vigna spp., Phaseolus spp.)20
0710.2900.00Other leguminous vegetables, shelled or unshelled20
0710.3000.00Spinach, New Zealand spinach and orache spinach (garden spinach)20
0710.4000.00Sweet corn20
0710.8000.00Other vegetables20
0710.9000.00Mixtures of vegetables20
0711.4000.00Cucumbers and gherkins20
0711.5100.00Mushrooms of the genus Agaricus20
0711.5900.00Other mushrooms and truffles20
0711.9000.00Other vegetables; mixtures of vegetables20
0712.3100.00Mushrooms of the genus Agaricus20
0712.3200.00Wood ears (Auricularia spp.)20
0712.3300.00Jelly fungi (Tremella spp.)20
0712.3900.00Other mushrooms, woodears,jelly fungi & truffles whole, cut, sliced, broken or in powder20
0712.9000.00Other vegetables; mixtures of vegetables20
0713.1010.00Peas (Pisum sativum) Seeds5
0713.1090.00Other peas not specified.20
0713.2010.00Chickpeas (garbanzos) Seeds5
0713.2090.00Other chickpeas not specified.20
0713.3110.00Seeds of Beans of the species Vigna mungo (L.) Hepper or Vigna radiata (L.) Wilczek:5
0713.3190.00Beans of the species Vigna mungo, Hepper or Vigna radiata, Wilczek(excluding seedss)20
0713.3210.00Small red (Adzuki) beans (Phaseolus or Vigna angularis) Seeds5
0713.3290.00Small red (Adzuki) beans (Phaseolus or Vigna angularis)(excluding seedss)20
0713.3310.00Seeds of Kidney beans, including white pea beans5
0713.3390.00Kidney beans, including white pea beans (excluding seedss)20
0713.3410.00Seeds of Bambara beans (Vigna subterranea or Voandzeia subterranea):5
0713.3490.00Other Bambara beans (Vigna subterranea or Voandzeia subterranea):(excluding seedss)20
0713.3510.00Seeds of Cow peas (Vigna unguiculata)5
0713.3590.00Other Cow peas (Vigna unguiculata) (excluding seedss)20
0713.3900.00Other: beans not specified.20
0713.4010.00Seeds of Lentils5
0713.4090.00Other lentils not specified.20
0713.5010.00Seeds of Broad beans and horse beans5
0713.5090.00Other broad beans not specified.20
0713.6010.00Seeds of Pigeon peas (Cajanus cajan)5
0713.6090.00Other pigeon peas not specified.20
0713.9000.00Dried leguminous not specified.20
0714.1000.00Manioc (cassava)2015
0714.2000.00Sweet potatoes20
0714.3000.00Yams (Dioscorea spp.)20
0714.4000.00Taro (Colocasia spp.)20
0714.5000.00Yautia (Xanthosoma spp.)20
0714.9000.00Other roots and tubers Not specified or included in this heading20
0801.1100.00Desiccated Coconuts205
0801.1200.00Coconuts In the inner shell (endocarp)205
0801.1900.00Other coconuts, fresh or dried, whether or not shelled or peeled205
0801.2100.00Brazil nuts In shell205
0801.2200.00Brazil nuts Shelled205
0801.3100.00Cashew nuts In shell205
0801.3200.00Cashew nuts Shelled205
0802.1100.00Almonds In shell205
0802.1200.00Almonds Shelled205
0802.2100.00Almonds In shell205
0802.2200.00Almonds Shelled205
0802.3100.00Walnuts In shell205
0802.3200.00Walnuts Shelled205
0802.4100.00Chestnuts (Castanea spp.) In shell205
0802.4200.00Chestnuts (Castanea spp.) Shelled205
0802.5100.00Pistachios In shell205
0802.5200.00Pistachios Shelled205
0802.6100.00Macadamia nuts In shell205
0802.6200.00Macadamia nuts Shelled205
0802.7000.00Kola nuts (Cola spp.)205
0802.8000.00Areca nuts205
0802.9000.00Other nuts, fresh or dried, whether or not shelled or peeled not elsewhere specified.205
0803.1010.00Fresh Plantains20
0803.1020.00Dried Plantains20
0803.9010.00Other Fresh Bananas excluding plantain20
0803.9020.00Other dried Bananas excluding plantain20
0804.1000.00Dates fresh or dried5
0804.2000.00Figs fresh or dried20
0804.3000.00Pineapples fresh or dried20
0804.4000.00Avocados fresh or dried20
0804.5010.00Mangoes fresh or dried20
0804.5090.00Guavas and mangosteens, fresh or dried.20
0805.1000.00Oranges fresh or dried20
0805.2000.00Mandarins; clementines, wilkings and similar citrus hybrids fresh or dried.20
0805.4000.00Grapefruit, including pomelos20
0805.5000.00Lemons and limes fresh or dried.20
0805.9000.00Other citrus fruit, fresh or dried20
0806.1000.00Fresh grape20
0806.2000.00Dried grape20
0807.1900.00Other melons excluding watermelons20
0807.2000.00Papaws (papayas)20
0809.2100.00Sour cherries (Prunus cerasus)20
0809.2900.00Other Cherries, excluding sour cherries20
0809.3000.00Peaches, including nectarines20
0809.4000.00Plums and sloes20
0810.1000.00fresh Strawberries20
0810.2000.00fresh Raspberries, blackberries, mulberries and loganberries20
0810.3000.00fresh Black, white or red currants and gooseberries20
0810.4000.00fresh Cranberries, bilberries and other fruits of the genus Vaccinium20
0810.5000.00fresh Kiwifruit20
0810.6000.00fresh Durians20
0810.7000.00fresh Persimmons20
0810.9000.00Other fruit not elsewhere specified, fresh20
0811.2000.00Raspberries, blackberries, mulberries, loganberries, currants and gooseberries20
0811.9000.00Other Fruit and nuts, uncooked or cooked, frozen, whether or not sweetened.20
0812.9000.00Other fruit and nuts, provisionally preserved but unsuitable for immediate consumption20
0813.4090.00Other fruits not specified.20
0813.5000.00Mixtures of nuts or dried fruits of this Chapter20
0814.0000.00Peel of citrus fruit or melons, fresh, frozen, dried or preserved.55
0901.1111.00Cherry red Arabica,Not decaffeinated, non roasted coffee105
0901.1112.00Extraprima, prima, superior, Arabica,Not decaffeinated, non roasted coffee105
0901.1113.00Normal, small, very small sized, Arabica,Not decaffeinated, non roasted coffee105
0901.1119.00other, Arabica,Not decaffeinated, non roasted coffee not elsewhere specified105
0901.1121.00Cherry red rabusta,Not decaffeinated, non roasted coffee105
0901.1122.00Extra prima, prima, superior excellent grade O, not decaffe robusta non roasted coffee105
0901.1123.00Extra prima, normal excellent, grade four not decaffe robusta non roasted coffee105
0901.1124.00Normal extra prima, small, grade two not decaffe robusta non roasted coffee105
0901.1125.10Grade one Extra prima, prima, superior not decaffe robusta non roasted coffee105
0901.1125.20Grade two Extra prima, prima, superior not decaffe robusta non roasted coffee105
0901.1125.90Grade three Extra prima, prima, superior, not decaffe robusta non roasted coffee105
0901.1126.10Grade one Normal, small, very small sized not decaffe robusta non roasted coffee105
0901.1126.20Grade three Normal, small, very small sized not decaffe robusta non roasted coffee105
0901.1126.30Grade four Normal, small, very small sized not decaffe robusta non roasted coffee105
0901.1126.90Other Normal, small, very small sized not decaffeinated robusta coffee105
0901.1127.00Green coffee, broken not decaffeinated robusta coffee105
0901.1128.00Black coffee, broken not decaffeinated robusta coffee105
0901.1129.00Other non decaffe robusta non roasted coffee not elsewhere specied,105
0901.1131.00Cherryred, arabusta, non decaffe, non roasted coffee105
0901.1132.00Extraprima, prima, superior, arabusta, non decaffe, non roasted coffee105
0901.1133.00Normal, small, very small sized, arabusta, non decaffe, non roasted coffee105
0901.1134.00Other arabusta, non decaffe, non roasted coffee not elsewhere specified.105
0901.1141.00Cherryred, Liberica, non decaffe, non roasted coffee not elsewhere specified.105
0901.1142.00Extraprima, prima, superior, Liberica, non decaffe, non roasted coffee not specified.105
0901.1143.00Normal, small, very small sized, Liberica, non decaffe, non roasted coffee not specif.105
0901.1144.00Other Liberica, non decaffe, non roasted coffee not specified.105
0901.1151.00Other, Cherry red, non decaffe, non roasted coffee not elsewhere specified.105
0901.1152.00Other, Extraprima, prima, superior non decaffe, non roasted coffee not elsewhere specif.105
0901.1153.00Other, Normal, small, very small sized, non decaffe/roasted coffee not elsewhere specif.105
0901.1154.00Other, Extra prima, prima superior, non decaffe/ roasted coffee not elsewhere specif.105
0901.1210.00Decaffeinated, non roasted Robusta coffee..105
0901.1220.00Decaffeinated, non roasted Arabusta coffee105
0901.1290.00Other decaffeinated coffee not specified elsewhere.105
0901.2110.00Uncrushed, Not decaffeinated, roasted coffee205
0901.2120.00Crushed, Not decaffeinated, roasted coffee205
0901.2210.00Uncrushed, decaffeinated, roasted coffee205
0901.2220.00Crushed, decaffeinated, roasted coffee205
0901.9000.00Other roasted decaffeinated coffee205
0902.1000.00Green tea (not fermented) in immediate packings of a content not exceeding 3 kg105
0902.2000.00Other green tea (not fermented) exceeding 3kg105
0902.3000.00Black tea (fermented), in immediate packings of a content not exceeding 3 kg105
0902.4000.00Other black tea (fermented) and other partly fermented tea, exceeding 3kg.55
0904.1100.00Pepper Neither crushed nor ground20
0904.1200.00Pepper Crushed or ground20
0904.2100.00Fruits of the genus Capsicum or of the genus Pimenta, Dried, neither crushed nor ground20
0904.2200.00Fruits of the genus Capsicum or of the genus Pimenta, Crushed or ground20
0905.1000.00Vanilla, Neither crushed nor ground205
0905.2000.00Fruits of the genus Capsicum or of the genus Pimentaanilla, Crushed or ground205
0906.1100.00Cinnamon (Cinnamomum zeylanicum Blume), Neither crushed nor ground 205
0906.1900.00Other Cinnamon and cinnamon flowers, Neither crushed nor ground 205
0906.2000.00Cinnamon and cinnamontree flowers, Crushed or ground205
0907.1000.00Cloves (whole fruit, cloves and stems),Neither crushed nor ground205
0907.2000.00Cloves (whole fruit, cloves and stems), Crushed or ground205
0908.1100.00Nutmeg, Neither crushed nor ground205
0908.1200.00Nutmeg, Crushed or ground205
0908.2100.00Mace, Neither crushed nor ground205
0908.2200.00Mace, Crushed or ground205
0908.3100.00Cardamons, Neither crushed nor ground205
0908.3200.00Cardamons, Crushed or ground205
0909.2100.00Seeds of coriander : Neither crushed nor ground205
0909.2200.00Seeds of coriander, Crushed or ground205
0909.3100.00Seeds of cumin, Neither crushed nor ground205
0909.3200.00Seeds of cumin, Crushed or ground205
0909.6100.00Seeds of anise, badian, caraway or fennel; juniper berries, Neither crushed nor ground205
0909.6200.00Seeds of anise, badian, caraway or fennel; juniper berries, Crushed or ground205
0910.1100.00Ginger, Neither crushed nor ground205
0910.1200.00Ginger, Crushed or ground205
0910.3000.00Turmeric (curcuma)205
0910.9100.00Mixtures referred to in Note 1 (b) to this Chapter205
0910.9900.00Other spices not elsewhere mentioned.20
1001.1100.00Durum wheat, Seed515
1001.1900.00Durum wheat (Not in seeds)515
1001.9100.00meslin Seed5
1001.9900.00Meslin (Not in seeds)5
1002.9000.00Other (excluding seedss)5
1003.1000.00Rye Seed5
1003.9000.00Rye(excluding seedss)5
1004.1000.00Oats Seed5
1004.9000.00Oats (excluding seedss)5
1005.1000.00Maize (corn) Seed5
1005.9000.00Maize (corn), (not in seed)5
1006.1010.00Rice Seedlings5
1006.1090.00Other Rice in the husk (paddy or rough) not specified.5
1006.2000.21Husked (brown) rice imported by pure rice traders1050
1006.2000.29Husked (brown) rice imported by rice millers and backward integration program1020
1006.3010.31In packings of more than 5kg or in bulk imported by pure rice traders1050
1006.3010.39In packings of >5kg or in bulk imported by rice millers and backward integration program1050
1006.3090.00Semimilled or wholly milled rice, whether polished or glazed, In packings of <5 kg1050
1006.4000.00Broken rice1050
1007.1000.00sorghum Seed5
1007.9000.00sorghum (excluding seedss)5
1008.2100.00eed of Millet5
1008.2900.00Millet (excluding seedss)5
1008.3000.00Canary seeds5
1008.4000.00Fonio (Digitaria spp.)5
1008.5000.00Quinoa (Chenopodium quinoa)5
1008.9000.00Other cereals not elsewhere specified.5
1101.0000.00Wheat or meslin flour.2050
1102.2000.00Maize (corn) flour20
1102.9010.00flour of millet or sorghum20
1102.9090.00flour of other cereals not specified.20
1103.1100.00Groats and meal of wheat5
1103.1300.00Groats and meal of maize (corn)10
1103.1900.00Groats and mealof other cereals10
1103.2000.00Pellets of cereals10
1104.1200.00Rolled or flaked grains of oats10
1104.1900.00Rolled or flaked grains of other cereals10
1104.2200.00Other worked grains (for example, hulled, pearled, sliced or kibbled) : of oats10
1104.2300.00Other worked grains (for example, hulled, pearled, sliced or kibbled) Of maize (corn)10
1104.2900.00Other worked grains (for example, hulled, pearled, sliced or kibbled) Of other cereals10
1104.3000.00Germ of cereals, whole, rolled, flaked or ground10
1105.1000.00Flour, meal and powder of potatoes10
1105.2000.00Flakes, granules and pellets of potatoes10
1106.1000.00Flour, meal and powder Of the dried leguminous vegetables of heading 07.1320
1106.2011.00Flour and powder Of sago or of roots or tubers of heading 07.14 cassava20
1106.2012.00Meal/dough of cassava20
1106.2020.00Flour, meal and powder Of yam20
1106.2091.00Cocoyam flour20
1106.2099.00Rice in the husk (paddy or rough) (excluding seeds)20
1106.3010.00Plantain flour20
1106.3090.00Flour, meal and powder Of the products of Chapter 8 not elsewhere specified20
1107.1000.00Malt Not roasted5
1107.2000.00Malt Roasted5
1108.1110.00Wheat starch; Pharmaceutical grade10
1108.1190.00Wheat starch excluding Pharmaceutical grade10
1108.1210.00Maize (corn) starch; Pharmaceutical grade10
1108.1290.00Maize (corn) starch excluding Pharmaceutical grade10
1108.1310.00Pharmaceutical grade10
1108.1390.00Potato starch excluding Pharmaceutical grade10
1108.1410.00Pharmaceutical grade10
1108.1490.00Manioc (cassava) starch not Pharmaceutical grade10
1108.1910.00Other starches of Pharmaceutical grade not elsewhere specified10
1108.1990.00Other starches not elsewhere specified or included excluding Pharmaceutical grade10
1109.0000.00Wheat gluten, whether or not dried.10
1201.1000.00Soya beans Seed55
1201.9000.00Soya beans (excluding seedss)105
1202.3000.00Groundnuts Seed55
1202.4110.00Groundnuts in shell used for manufacturing oil55
1202.4190.00Groundnuts in shell not used for manufacturing oil105
1202.4210.00Groundnuts shelled used for manufacturing oil55
1202.4290.00Groundnuts shelled not used for manufacturing oil105
1204.0000.00Linseed, whether or not broken.55
1205.1000.00Low erucic acid rape or colza seeds55
1205.9000.00Rape or colza seeds, whether or not broken Other55
1206.0000.00Sunflower seeds, whether or not broken.55
1207.1000.00Palm nuts and kernels55
1207.2100.00cotton Seed55
1207.2900.00cotton (excluding seedss)55
1207.3000.00Castor oil seeds55
1207.4000.00Sesamum seeds55
1207.5000.00Mustard seeds55
1207.6000.00Safflower (Carthamus tinctorius) seeds55
1207.7000.00Melon seeds55
1207.9100.00Poppy seeds55
1207.9910.00Shea nuts (karate nuts)55
1207.9990.00Other oil seeds and oleaginous fruits, not elsewhere specified55
1208.1000.00Flours and meals of soya beans105
1208.9000.00Flour and meals of oil seeds or oleagin Other105
1209.1000.00Sugar beet seeds55
1209.2100.00Lucerne (alfalfa) seeds55
1209.2200.00Clover (Trifolium spp.) seeds55
1209.2300.00Fescue seeds55
1209.2400.00Kentucky blue grass (Poa pratensis L.) seeds55
1209.2500.00Rye grass (Lolium multiflorum Lam., Lolium perenne L.) seeds55
1209.2900.00Seeds, fruit and spores, of a kind used Other (Seeds of forage plants)55
1209.3000.00Seeds of herbaceous plants cultivated principally for their flowers55
1209.9100.00Vegetable seeds55
1209.9900.00Seeds, fruit and spores, of a kind used Other55
1210.1000.00Hop cones, neither ground nor powdered nor in the form of pellets55
1210.2000.00Hop cones, ground, powdered or in the form of pellets; lupulin55
1211.2000.00Ginseng roots55
1211.3000.00Coca leaf55
1211.4000.00Poppy straw55
1211.9020.00Bark and wood used in pharmacy and medicine55
1211.9090.00Other Plants or parts, used in perfumery, pharmacy or insecticidal, in any form.55
1212.2100.00Seaweeds and other algae Fit for human consumption55
1212.2900.00Seaweeds and other algae not Fit for human consumption55
1212.9100.00Sugar beet55
1212.9200.00Locust beans (carob)55
1212.9300.00Sugar cane55
1212.9400.00Chicory roots55
1212.9900.00Other Not specified or included in this heading55
1213.0010.00Corn husks55
1213.0090.00Cereal straw55
1214.1000.00Lucerne (alfalfa) meal and pellets55
1214.9000.00Other forage products,whether or not in the form of pellets55
1301.2000.00Gum Arabic5
1301.9000.00Other Lac excluding Gum Arabic5
1302.1100.00Vegetable saps and extracts of Opium55
1302.1200.00Vegetable saps and extracts of liquorice55
1302.1300.00Vegetable saps and extracts of hops55
1302.1900.00Other Vegetable saps and extracts not specified in this subheading.55
1302.2000.00Pectic substances, pectinates and pectates55
1302.3200.00Mucilages and thickeners, derived from locust beans, locust bean seeds or guar seeds55
1302.3900.00elsewhere specified55
1401.9000.00Vegetable materials of a kind used primarily for plaiting excluding bamboos and rattans.55
1404.2000.00Cotton linters55
1404.9010.00Hard seeds, pips, hulls and nuts of a kind used for carving55
1404.9090.00Other Vegetable products not elsewhere specified or included in this chapter.55
1501.2000.00Other pig fat105
1501.9000.00poultry fat, other than that of heading 02.09 or 15.03105
1502.9000.00Other Fats of bovine animals, sheep or goats, not specified in this heading.55
1503.0000.00Lard stearin,/oil, oleo stearin/oil and tallow oil, not emulsified or mixed or prepared.55
1504.1000.00Fishliver oils and their fractions whether or not refined, but not chemically modified.105
1504.2000.00Fats and oils and their fractions, of fish, other than liver oils105
1504.3000.00Fats and oils and their fractions, of marine mammals105
1505.0000.00Wool grease and fatty substances derived therefrom (including lanolin).55
1506.0000.00Other animal fats and oils and their fractions, but not chemically modified.105
1507.1000.00Crude soyabean oil, whether or not degummed10
1507.9000.00refined soyabean oil, but not chemically modified.20
1508.1000.00Crude groundnut oil10
1508.9010.00groundnut oil, Put up for retail sale in packings with a net content of 5 litres or less35
1508.9090.00groundnut oil, Put up for retail sale in packings with a net content of 5 litres or more35
1509.1010.00Virgin olive oil, Put up for retail sale in packings with content of 5 litres or less105
1509.1090.00Virgin olive oil, Put up for retail sale in packings with content of 5 litres or more105
1509.9010.00Other olive oils put up for retail sale in packings with a net content of <=5l205
1509.9090.00Other olive oils put up for retail sale in packings with a net content of >5l205
1510.0010.00Other oils and their fractions, obtained from olives,for retail sale in packings <=5 L20
1510.0090.00Other oils and their fractions, obtained from olives,for retail sale in packings >5 L20
1511.1000.00Crude palm oil1025
1511.9010.00Fractions of Palm oil and its fractions, not fit for human consumption.1025
1511.9091.00Refined palm oil put up for retail sale in packings with content of 5 litres or less35
1511.9099.00Refined palm oil put up for retail sale in packings with content of 5 litres or more35
1512.1100.00Crude Sunflowerseed or safflower oil10
1512.1900.00refined Sunflowerseed or safflower oil20
1512.2100.00Crude Cottonseed oil, whether or not gossypol has been removed10
1512.2900.00Refined Cottonseed oil35
1513.1100.00Crude Coconut (copra) oil10
1513.1900.00refined Coconut (copra) oil35
1513.2100.00Crude Palm kernel oil10
1513.2900.00Refined Palm kernel oil20
1514.1100.00Crude Rape, colza or mustard oil10
1514.1900.00Refined Rape, colza or mustard oil20
1514.9100.00Crude mustard oil10
1514.9900.00refined mustard oil20
1515.1100.00Crude Linseed oil10
1515.1900.00Refined Linseed oil20
1515.2100.00Crude Maize (corn) oil10
1515.2900.00Refined Maize (corn) oil20
1515.3000.00Castor oil and its fractions10
1515.5000.00Sesame oil and its fractions10
1515.9011.00Crude Shea (karite) oil10
1515.9019.00Refined Shea (karite) oil20
1515.9090.00Other fixed vegetable fats and oils not elsewhere specified.10
1516.1000.00Animal fats and oils and their fractions20
1516.2010.00Hydrogenated vegetable fats not further prepared.10
1516.2090.00Other vegetable fats and oil, not specified in this subheading.10
1517.1000.00Margarine, excluding liquid margarine205
1517.9010.00Other food preparations of vegetable fats205
1517.9090.00Other vegetable not specified in this heading other than those of heading 15.16.205
1518.0000.00Animal or vegetable fats and oils, boiled, oxidised... by heat in vacuum or in inert gas205
1520.0000.00Glycerol, crude; glycerol waters and glycerol lyes.105
1521.1000.00Vegetable waxes55
1521.9010.00Beeswax and other insect waxes55
1521.9090.00Other other insect waxes and spermaceti55
1522.0000.00Degras; residues resulting from the treatment of fatty substances, animal or veg waxes.105
1601.0010.00Sausages and similar products, Of liver; food preparations based on these products.355
1601.0090.00Sausages and similar products, of heading 16.01 not elsewhere specified.355
1602.1000.00Homogenised preparations of meat, meat offal or blood.205
1602.2000.00Prepared or preserved liver of any animal355
1602.3100.00Prepared or preserved meat of turkeys355
1602.3200.00Prepared or preserved meat of fowls of the species Gallus domesticus355
1602.3900.00Other prepared or preserved meat, meat offal or blood not elsewhere specified355
1602.4100.00Prepared or preserved Hams and cuts thereof of swine355
1602.4200.00Prepared or preserved Shoulders and cuts thereof of swine355
1602.4900.00Other prepared or preserved mixtyres of meat, meat offal or blood.355
1602.5010.00Canned beef (corned beef)355
1602.5090.00meat of bonvine animal excluding canned.355
1602.9000.00Other prepared/preserved meat not elsewhere mention; preparation of blood of any animal.355
1603.0000.00Extracts and juices of meat, fish or crustaceans, molluscs or aquatic invertebrates.205
1604.1100.00prepared or preserved Salmon, whole or in piece but not mixed.205
1604.1200.00prepared or preserved Herrings, whole or in piece but not mixed.205
1604.1310.00prepared or preserved, Sardines, in 1/4 club cans of a height of 30 mm or less:205
1604.1390.00Other Sardines, sardinella and brisling or sprats not specified inthis subheading.205
1604.1400.00prepare or preserved Tunas, skipjack and bonito (Sarda spp.)205
1604.1500.00prepare or preserved Mackerel205
1604.1600.00prepare or preserved Anchovies205
1604.1700.00prepare or preserved Eels205
1604.1900.00Other prepare or preserved fish whole or in pieces not specified in this subheading205
1604.2000.00Other prepared or preserved fish not specified in this heading205
1604.3100.00prepare or preserved Caviar205
1604.3200.00prepare or preserved Caviar substitutes205
1605.1000.00prepare or preserved Crab205
1605.2100.00prepare or preserved Shrimps and prawns not in airtight container205
1605.2900.00prepare or preserved Shrimps and prawns in airtight container205
1605.3000.00prepare or preserved Lobster205
1605.4000.00Other prepare or preserved crustaceans not specified 16.05.205
1605.5100.00prepare or preserved Oysters205
1605.5200.00prepare or preserved Scallops, including queen scallops205
1605.5300.00prepare or preserved Mussels205
1605.5400.00prepare or preserved Cuttle fish and squid205
1605.5500.00prepare or preserved Octopus205
1605.5600.00prepare or preserved Clams, cockles and arkshells205
1605.5700.00prepare or preserved Abalone205
1605.5800.00prepare or preserved Snails, other than sea snails205
1605.5900.00Other molluscs prepared or preserved not specified in16.05.205
1605.6100.00prepare or preserved Sea cucumbers205
1605.6200.00prepare or preserved Sea urchins205
1605.6300.00prepare or preserved Jellyfish205
1605.6900.00Other aquatic invertebrates, prepared or preserved, not specified in this subheading.205
1701.1200.00Raw Beet sugar not containing added flavouring or colouring matter20550
1701.1300.00Cane sugar specified in Subheading Note 2 to Chapter 1710560
1701.1410.00Cane sugar specified in Subheading Note 2 to Chapter 17, Meant for sugar refinery555
1701.1490.00Other Raw sugar not containing added flavour or colouring matter not specif. in 17.01205
1701.9110.00Other, Cane or beet sugar ..,with favour/colour in powder, crystal or granule form20550
1701.9190.00Other, Cane or beet sugar ..,with favour/colour, Not in powder, crystal or granule form20550
1701.9910.00In powder, crystal or granule form205
1701.9990.00Other cane or beet sugar and chemically pure sucrose, in solid form20550
1702.1100.00Lactose and lactose syrup; Containing by weight 99 % or more lactose, expressed as 5
1702.1900.00Other; Containing by weight less than 99% lactose, exp55
1702.2000.00Maple sugar and maple syrup55
1702.3000.00Glucose and glucose syrup, containing 0 to < 20 % dry weight of fructose.5
1702.4000.00Glucose/glucose syrup, containing 20 to =< 50 % dry weight of fructose, no invert sugar55
1702.5000.00Chemically pure fructose55
1702.6000.00Glucose/glucose syrup, containing > 50 % dry weight of fructose, no invert sugar55
1702.9000.00Other, including invert sugar and other sugar containing dry state 50 % of fructose5
1703.1000.00Cane molasses105
1703.9000.00Other molasses resulting from the extraction or refining of sugar105
1704.1000.00Chewing gum, whether or not sugarcoated355
1704.9000.00Other Sugar confectionery (including white chocolate), not containing cocoa.355
1801.0011.00Superior quality Cocoa beans55
1801.0012.00Standard quality Cocoa beans55
1801.0019.00Other quality Cocoa beans not specified in 18.0155
1801.0020.00Roasted Cocoa beans55
1801.0030.00Broken Cocoa beans55
1802.0000.00Cocoa shells, husks, skins and other cocoa waste.105
1803.1000.00Not defatted Cocoa paste105
1803.2000.00Wholly or partly defatted Cocoa paste105
1804.0010.00Fat and oil of cocoa105
1804.0020.00Natural cocoa butter105
1804.0090.00Other butter of cocoa and deodorised cocoa105
1805.0010.00Cocoa powder In packing with a net content exceeding 2 kg355
1805.0090.00Cocoa powder In packing with a net content not exceeding 2 kg355
1806.1000.00Cocoa powder, containing added sugar or other sweetening matter355
1806.2000.00Other preparations Cocoa powder in blocks, slabs... in packing exceeding 2kg355
1806.3100.00Other preparations Cocoa powder in blocks, slabs... in packing not exceeding 2kg; Filled355
1806.3210.00Other preparations Cocoa powder in blocks... in packing =< 2kg;not Filled Chocolate355
1806.3290.00Other preparations Cocoa powder in block... in packing =< 2kg;not Filled; no Chocolate355
1806.9010.00Other confectionery containing cocoa and chocolate355
1806.9090.00Other food preparationsnot containing cocoa and chocolate355
1901.1000.00Preparations for infant use, put up for retail sale5
1901.2000.00Mixes and doughs for the preparation of bakers' wares of heading 19.05105
1901.9010.00Milk preparations containing vegetable fats /oils, powdered/granular, packings => 25 kg55
1901.9020.00Milk preparations containing vegetable fats /oils, powdered/granular, packings <12.5kg55
1901.9030.00Malt extract5525
1901.9040.00Malted beverage powder in bulk of not less than 25 kg55
1901.9091.00Cassava food preparation of 11.06 (including "Gari" excluding products of 19.03)205
1901.9099.00Other food preparations not specified in 19.02.205
1902.1100.00Uncooked pasta, not stuffed or otherwise prepared : Containing eggs205
1902.1900.00Uncooked pasta, not stuffed or otherwise prepared : not Containing eggs205
1902.2000.00Stuffed pasta, whether or not cooked or otherwise prepared205
1902.3000.00Other pasta not specified elsewhere205
1903.0000.00Tapioca and substitutes from starch, in the form of flakes, grains...or similar forms.205
1904.1000.00Prepared foods obtained by the swelling or roasting of cereals or cereal products205
1904.2010.00Oat meal in packings of not less than 25 kg205
1904.2090.00Oat meal in packings of more than 25 kg205
1904.3000.00Bulgur wheat205
1904.9000.00Other prepared foods obtained by the swelling or roasting of cereals/cereal products205
1905.2000.00Gingerbread and the like205
1905.3100.00Sweet biscuits355
1905.3200.00Waffles and wafers355
1905.4000.00Rusks, toasted bread and similar toasted products355
1905.9000.00Bread,pastry cakes, biscuits and other, Other.355
2001.1000.00Cucumbers and gherkins205
2001.9000.00Vegetables, fruit, nuts and other edible Other205
2002.1000.00Tomatoes, whole or in pieces355
2002.9011.00Triple concentrate10540
2002.9019.00Other concentrate (excluding Triple concentrate)10540
2002.9020.00Tomato paste or concentrates, put up for retail sale35510
2002.9090.00Other Tomatoes prepared or preserved not specified.35510
2003.1000.00Mushrooms of the genus Agaricus205
2003.9000.00Mushrooms and truffles, prepared or preserved Other205
2004.9000.00Other vegetables and mixtures of vegetables205
2005.1000.00Homogenised vegetables205
2005.4000.00Peas (Pisum sativum)205
2005.5100.00Beans, shelled205
2005.5900.00Beans,not shelled205
2005.8000.00Sweet corn (Zea mays var. saccharata)205
2005.9100.00Bamboo shoots205
2005.9900.00Other vegetables and mixtures of vegetables (excluding bamboo shoot)205
2006.0000.00Vegetables, fruit, nuts, fruitpeel and other parts of plants, preserved by sugar.205
2007.1000.00Homogenised preparations205
2007.9100.00Citrus fruit205
2007.9900.00Jams, fruit jellies, marmalades, fruit Other.205
2008.1110.00Peanut butter205
2008.1190.00Other nuts Not specified or included in this subheading205
2008.1900.00Other, including mixtures205
2008.3000.00Citrus fruit205
2008.7000.00Peaches, including nectarines205
2008.9100.00Palm hearts205
2008.9300.00Cranberries (Vaccinium macrocarpon, Vaccinium oxycoccos, Vaccinium vitisidaea)205
2008.9900.00Fruit,nuts and other edible part of plant Other(Other, including mixtures...)205
2009.1110.00Concentrate of weight not less than 25 kg for industrial use105
2009.1190.00Other; Concentrate of weight less than 25kg205
2009.1210.00Concentrate of weight not less than 25 kg for industrial use105
2009.1290.00Other; Concentrate of weight less than 25kg205
2009.1910.00Concentrate of weight not less than 25 kg for industrial use105
2009.1990.00Other; Concentrate of weight less than 25kg205
2009.2110.00Concentrate of weight not less than 25 kg for industrial use105
2009.2190.00Other; Concentrate of weight less than 25kg205
2009.2910.00Concentrate of weight not less than 25 kg for industrial use105
2009.2990.00Other; Concentrate of weight less than 25kg205
2009.3110.00Concentrate of weight not less than 25 kg for industrial use105
2009.3190.00Other; Concentrate of weight less than 25kg205
2009.3910.00Concentrate of weight not less than 25 kg for industrial use105
2009.3990.00Other; Concentrate of weight less than 25kg205
2009.4110.00Concentrate of weight not less than 25 kg for industrial use105
2009.4190.00Other; Concentrate of weight less than 25kg205
2009.4910.00Concentrate of weight not less than 25 kg for industrial use105
2009.4990.00Other; Concentrate of weight less than 25kg205
2009.5010.00Concentrate of weight not less than 25 kg for industrial use105
2009.5090.00Other tomatoes juice not specified.205
2009.6110.00Concentrate of weight not less than 25 kg for industrial use105
2009.6190.00Other; Concentrate of weight less than 25kg205
2009.6910.00Concentrate of weight not less than 25 kg for industrial use105
2009.6990.00Other; Concentrate of weight less than 25kg205
2009.7110.00Concentrate of weight not less than 25 kg for industrial use105
2009.7190.00Other; Concentrate of weight less than 25kg205
2009.7910.00Concentrate of weight not less than 25 kg for industrial use105
2009.7990.00Other; Concentrate of weight less than 25kg205
2009.8110.00Concentrate of weight not less than 25 kg for industrial use105
2009.8190.00Other; Concentrate of weight less than 25kg205
2009.8911.00Concentrate of weight not less than 25 kg for industrial use105
2009.8919.00Other guava juice not specified.205
2009.8921.00Concentrate of weight not less than 25 kg for industrial use105
2009.8929.00Other tamarind juice nnot specified205
2009.8931.00Concentrate of weight not less than 25 kg for industrial use105
2009.8939.00Other mango juice not specified.205
2009.8991.00Concentrate of weight not less than 25 kg for industrial use105
2009.8999.00Other juice not specified.205
2009.9010.00Concentrate of weight not less than 25 kg for industrial use105
2009.9090.00Other; Concentrate of weight less than 25kg205
2101.1100.00Extracts, essences and concentrates105
2101.1200.00Preparation with a basis of extracts, essences or concentrates or with a basis of coffee205
2101.2000.00Extracts, essences and concentrates, of tea or mate, and preparations105
2101.3000.00Roasted chicory and coffee substitutes, and extracts, essences and concentrates thereof205
2102.1000.00Active yeasts55
2102.2000.00Inactive yeasts; other singlecell microorganisms, dead55
2102.3000.00Prepared baking powders55
2103.1000.00Soya sauce205
2103.2000.00Tomato ketchup and other tomato sauces355
2103.3000.00Mustard flour and meal and prepared mustard205
2103.9010.00Fish sauce "NUOCMAM"205
2103.9091.00Seasoning powder in packings of not less than 25 kg205
2103.9099.00Seasoning powder in packing less than 25kg.205
2104.1010.00Preparations in block or loaf form205
2104.1090.00Other Soups and broths and preparations therefor not specified.205
2104.2000.00Homogenised composite food preparations205
2105.0000.00Ice cream and other edible ice, whether or not containing cocoa.205
2106.1010.00Protein concentrates55
2106.1020.00Textured protein substances105
2106.9010.00Syrups containing added flavouring or colouring matter205
2106.9091.00Stock powder55
2106.9092.00Extracts, essences and flavouring products of a kind used in the drink industries105
2106.9094.00Powders for the instant preparation of drinks205
2106.9095.00Preparations for "herbal tea"205
2106.9096.00Food supplements205
2106.9099.00Other Food preparations not elsewhere specified or included.55
2201.1010.00Mineral watersLT355
2201.1020.00Aerated watersLT355
2201.9000.00Waters, including natural or artificial OtherLT355
2202.1000.00Waters, mineral and aerated waters, containing sugar or sweetening matter or flavouredLT205
2202.9010.00Beverages containing high doses of caffeine of the kind "Energy drinks"LT205
2202.9090.00Other waters not elsewhere specified.LT205
2203.0010.00In containers holding 50 centilitres or lessLT20520
2203.0090.00Other Beer made from malt not specified.LT20520
2204.1000.00Sparkling wineLT2054020
2204.2100.00Other wine; grape with fermentation prevented by alcohol : In containers holding <2 LLT2054020
2204.2910.00Wine; grape with fermentation prevented by alcohol : In containers >200 l for industryLT205
2204.2990.00Grape must with fermentation prevented by alcohol: In containers >200L not for industryLT20540
2204.3000.00Other grape must not elsewhere specifiedLT2054020
2205.1000.00Vermouth and other wine of grapes flavoured with plants/aromatic substances. In <=2 LLT2054020
2205.9000.00Vermouth and other wine of grapes flavoured with plants/aromatic substances. In >2 LLT2054020
2206.0010.00Other beer not made from maltLT205
2206.0091.00Palm wineLT205
2206.0099.00Other fermented beverages not elsewhere specified.LT205
2207.1010.00Undenatured ethyl alcohol with alcoholic =>80% vol: For medical, pharmacy or scienceLT55
2207.1090.00Undenatured ethyl alcohol with alcoholic =>80% vol: not for medical, pharmacy or scienceLT205
2207.2000.00Ethyl alcohol and other spirits, denatured, of any strengthLT55
2208.2090.00Other spirits not specified.LT20540
2208.4000.00Rum and other spirits obtained by distilling fermented sugarcane productsLT2054020
2208.5000.00Gin and GenevaLT2054020
2208.7000.00Liqueurs and cordialsLT2054020
2208.9000.00Other spirits, liqueurs & other spirituous beveragesLT2054020
2209.0010.00Alcohol vinegarLT205
2209.0090.00Other Vinegar and substitutes for vinegar obtained from acetic acid not specified.LT205
2301.1000.00Flours, meals and pellets, of meat or meat offal; greaves105
2301.2000.00Flours, meals and pellets, of fish, crustaceans, molluscs or other aquatic invertebrates105
2302.1000.00Bran, sharps and other residues of maize (corn)105
2302.3000.00Bran, sharps and other residues of wheat105
2302.4000.00Bran, sharps and other residues of other cereals105
2302.5000.00Bran, sharps and other residues of leguminous plants105
2303.1000.00Residues of starch manufacture and similar residues105
2303.2000.00Beetpulp, bagasse and other waste of sugar manufacture105
2303.3000.00Brewing or distilling dregs and waste105
2304.0000.00Oilcake and other solid residues, resulting from the extraction of soyabean oil.105
2305.0000.00Oilcake and other solid residues, resulting from the extraction of groundnut oil.105
2306.1000.00Oilcake and other solid residues, resulting from the extraction of oil from cotton seeds105
2306.2000.00Oilcake and other solid residues, resulting from the extraction of oil from linseed105
2306.3000.00Oilcake and solid residues, resulting from the extraction of oil from sunflower seeds105
2306.4100.00Oilcake and residues, from the extraction of oil from low erucic acid rape/colza seeds105
2306.4900.00Oilcake and residues, from the extraction of oil from other erucic acid rape/colza seed105
2306.5000.00Oilcake and residues, from the extraction of oil from of coconut or copra105
2306.6000.00Oilcake and residues, from the extraction of oil from of palm nuts or kernels105
2306.9000.00Other oil cakes & residues, resulting from extraction of other vegetable fats and oils105
2307.0000.00Wine lees; argol.105
2308.0000.00Vegetable materials,waste, residues.. used in animal feeding, not specified.105
2309.1000.00Dog or cat food, put up for retail sale205
2309.9010.00Preparations containing added vitamins55
2309.9090.00Other animal feed preparations not specified.105
2401.1000.00Tobacco, not stemmed/stripped55
2401.2000.00Tobacco, partly or wholly stemmed/stripped55
2401.3000.00Tobacco refuse55
2402.1000.00Cigars, cheroots and cigarillos, containing tobacco2054020
2402.2000.00Cigarettes containing tobacco2054020
2402.9000.00Cigars, cheroots, cigarillos and cigaret Other2054020
2403.1100.00Water pipe tobacco specified in Subheading Note 1 to this Chapter205
2403.1900.00Other Smoking tobacco, whether or not containing tobacco205
2403.9100.00"Homogenised" or "reconstituted" tobacco2054020
2403.9910.00Expanded tobacco105
2403.9990.00Other manufactured tobacco and manufactured tobacco not specified in 24.0320540
2501.0010.00Denatured salt55
2501.0020.00Salt for human consumption1060
2501.0030.00Compressed salt used in animal feeding5
2501.0090.00Other salt not specified.105
2502.0000.00Unroasted iron pyrites.55
2503.0000.00Sulphur of all kinds, other than sublimed, precipitated and colloidal sulphur.55
2504.1000.00Natural graphite in powder or in flakes55
2504.9000.00Other Natural graphite not specified in 25.0455
2505.1000.00Silica sands and quartz sands55
2505.9000.00Natural sands of all kinds, excluding silica and quartz55
2507.0000.00Kaolin and other kaolinic clays, whether or not calcined.55
2508.4000.00Other clays55
2508.5000.00Andalusite, kyanite and sillimanite55
2508.7000.00Chamotte or dinas earths55
2510.1000.00Natural calcium phosphates, aluminium calcium phosphates and phosphatic chalk. Unground55
2510.2000.00Natural calcium phosphates, aluminium calcium phosphates and phosphatic chalk .Ground55
2511.1000.00Natural barium sulphate (barytes)55
2511.2000.00Natural barium carbonate (witherite)55
2512.0000.00Siliceous fossil meals and similar siliceous earths, of specific gravity =< 155
2513.1000.00Pumice stone55
2513.2000.00Emery, natural corundum, natural garnet and other natural abrasives55
2514.0000.00Slate, in blocks or slabs of a rectangular shape.55
2515.1100.00Crude or roughly trimmed55
2515.1200.00Marble and travertine cut into blocks or slabs in rectangular/ square shape55
2515.2000.00Ecaussine and other calcareous monumental or building stone; alabaster55
2516.1100.00Crude or roughly trimmed55
2516.1200.00Granite cut into blocks or slabs in rectangular/ square shape55
2516.9000.00Other monumental or building stone55
2517.1000.00Pebbles, gravel.. used for road metalling, railway or other ballast, shingle and flint55
2517.2000.00Macadam of slag, dross or similar industrial waste,55
2517.3000.00Tarred macadam55
2517.4100.00Granules, chippings and powder of marble55
2517.4900.00Pebbles, gravel, broken or crushed stone Other55
2518.1000.00Dolomite, not calcined or sintered55
2518.2000.00Calcined or sintered dolomite55
2518.3000.00Dolomite ramming mix55
2519.1000.00Natural magnesium carbonate (magnesite)55
2519.9000.00Natural magnesium carbonate (magnesite); Other55
2520.1000.00Gypsum; anhydrite55
2521.0000.00Limestone flux; limestone and stone of a kind used for manufacture of lime or cement.55
2522.2000.00Slaked lime205
2522.3000.00Hydraulic lime205
2523.1000.00Cement clinkers10540
2523.2100.00White cement, whether or not artificially coloured205
2523.2900.00Other excluding White cement20530
2523.3000.00Aluminous cement205
2523.9000.00Other hydraulic cements205
2524.9000.00Other Asbestos excluding Crocidolite55
2525.1000.00Crude mica and mica rifted into sheets or splitting55
2525.2000.00Mica powder55
2525.3000.00Mica waste55
2526.1000.00Limestone flux; limestone and other calcareous stone, not crushed, not powdered55
2526.2000.00Limestone flux; limestone and other calcareous stone; Crushed or powdered5
2528.0000.00Natural borates/concentrates,not including borates; containing <= 85 % of H3BO355
2529.2100.00Feldspar; Containing by weight 97 % or less of calcium fluoride55
2529.2200.00Feldspar; Containing by weight more than 97 % of calcium fluoride55
2529.3000.00Leucite; nepheline and nepheline syenite55
2530.1000.00Vermiculite, perlite and chlorites, unexpanded55
2530.2000.00Kieserite, epsomite (natural magnesium sulphates)55
2530.9000.00Other Mineral substances not elsewhere specified or included55
2601.1110.00Nonagglomerated: Iron ores lumps55
2601.1120.00Nonagglomerated: Iron ores fines55
2601.1130.00Nonagglomerated: Iron ores concentrates55
2601.1190.00Roasted iron pyrites.55
2601.1200.00Agglomerated Iron ores and concentrates55
2601.2000.00Roasted iron pyrites55
2602.0000.00Manganese ores/concentrates, including ferruginous manganese' dry content =>20 %55
2603.0000.00Copper ores and concentrates.55
2604.0000.00Nickel ores and concentrates.55
2605.0000.00Cobalt ores and concentrates.55
2606.0000.00Aluminium ores and concentrates.55
2607.0000.00Lead ores and concentrates.55
2608.0000.00Zinc ores and concentrates.55
2609.0000.00Tin ores and concentrates.55
2610.0000.00Chromium ores and concentrates.55
2611.0000.00Tungsten ores and concentrates.55
2612.1000.00Uranium ores and concentrates55
2612.2000.00Thorium ores and concentrates55
2613.9000.00Molybdenum ores and concentrates. Other55
2614.0000.00Titanium ores and concentrates.55
2615.1000.00Zirconium ores and concentrates55
2615.9000.00Niobium, tantalum, vanadium or zirconium Other55
2616.1000.00Silver ores and concentrates55
2616.9010.00Gold ores and concentrates55
2616.9090.00Other Precious metal ores and concentrates55
2617.1000.00Antimony ores and concentrates55
2617.9000.00Other ores and concentrates.55
2618.0000.00Granulated slag (slag sand) from the manufacture of iron or steel.55
2619.0000.00Slag, dross (other than granulated slag), scalings and othe55
2620.1100.00Hard zinc spelter55
2620.1900.00Ash and residues (other than from the manufacture of iron and steel Other55
2620.2100.00Leaded gasoline sludges and leaded antiknock compound sludges55
2620.2900.00Ash and residues Otherlead55
2620.3000.00Containing mainly copper55
2620.4000.00Containing mainly aluminium55
2620.6000.00Containing arsenic, mercury, thallium or their mixtures, 55
2620.9100.00Containing antimony, beryllium, cadmium, chromium or their mixtures55
2620.9900.00Other ashes and residues containing arsenic, metals or their compounds55
2621.1000.00Ash and residues from the incineration of municipal waste55
2621.9000.00Other slag and ash, including seaweed as Other55
2701.1200.00Bituminous coal55
2701.1900.00Other coal55
2701.2000.00Briquettes, ovoids and similar solid fuels manufactured from coal55
2702.1000.00Lignite, whether or not pulverised, but not agglomerated55
2702.2000.00Agglomerated lignite55
2703.0000.00Peat (including peat litter), whether or not agglomerated.55
2704.0000.00Coke and semicoke of coal, of lignite or of peat, whether 55
2705.0000.00Coal gas, water gas, producer gas and similar gases, other 55
2706.0000.00Tar distilled from coal, from lignite or from peat, and oth55
2707.1000.00Benzol (benzene)55
2707.2000.00Toluol (toluene)55
2707.3000.00Xylol (xylenes)55
2707.5000.00Other aromatic hydrocarbon mixtures of which 65 % or more55
2707.9100.00Creosote oils55
2707.9900.00Benzol (Benzene) Other55
2708.2000.00Pitch coke55
2709.0000.00Petroleum oils and oils obtained from bituminous minerals, crude.05
2710.1210.00Partially refined oil including crude oil having undergone primary refinement05
2710.1221.00White spirit55
2710.1229.00Other special spirit not specified.105
2710.1230.00Aviation spirit105
2710.1240.00Motor spirit, super105
2710.1250.00Motor spirit, ordinary105
2710.1290.00Other Light oils and preparations Not specified or included105
2710.1911.00Kerosine type jet fuel105
2710.1919.00Other medium oils not specified.105
2710.1921.00Gas oil105
2710.1922.00Domestic fuel oil55
2710.1923.00Light fuel oil55
2710.1924.00Heavy fuel oil I55
2710.1925.00Heavy fuel oil II55
2710.1931.00Meant to be mixed further55
2710.1932.00Brake fluid10520
2710.1939.10Twocycle motor oil105
2710.1939.90Other motor oil not specified.10520
2710.2000.00Petroleum oils and oils obtained from bituminous minerals105
2710.9100.00Containing polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs), polychlorin105
2710.9900.00Petroleum oils and oils obtained from.. other waste oil55
2711.1100.00Natural gas55
2711.1400.00Ethylene, propylene, butylene and butadiene55
2711.1900.00Other Liquefied petroleum gases and other gaseous hydrocarbons55
2711.2100.00Natural gas55
2711.2900.00Other petroleum gases etc in gaseous state55
2712.1000.00Petroleum jelly5
2712.2000.00Paraffin wax containing by weight less than 0.75 % of oil55
2712.9000.00Petroleum jelly; parfin wax,micro cryst, ne other55
2713.1100.00Not calcined55
2713.2000.00Petroleum bitumen55
2713.9000.00Other residues of petroleum oils or of oils obtained from bituminous minerals55
2714.1000.00Bituminous or oil shale and tar sands55
2714.9000.00Bitumen and asphalt, natural; bituminous Other55
2715.0000.00Bituminous mixtures based on natural asphalt, on natural bi55
2716.0000.00Electrical energy. (optional heading)TKH55
2801.3000.00Fluorine; bromine55
2802.0000.00Sulphur, sublimed or precipitated; colloidal sulphur.5
2803.0000.00Carbon (carbon blacks and other forms of carbon not elsewhere specified or included).55
2804.2900.00Other Rare gases, Not specified or includedM355
2804.5000.00Boron; tellurium55
2804.6100.00Containing by weight not less than 99.99 % of silicon55
2804.6900.00Hydrogen, rare gases and other non metals Other(Silicon)55
2805.1900.00Alkali or alkalineearth metals; rareearth Other (Alkali or alkalineear55
2805.3000.00Rareearth metals, scandium and yttrium, whether or not intermixed or interalloyed55
2806.1000.00Hydrogen chloride (hydrochloric acid)55
2806.2000.00Chlorosulphuric acid55
2807.0000.00Sulphuric acid; oleum.55
2808.0000.00Nitric acid; sulphonitric acids.55
2809.1000.00Diphosphorus pentaoxide5
2809.2000.00Phosphoric acid and polyphosphoric acids55
2810.0000.00Oxides of boron; boric acids.55
2811.1100.00Hydrogen fluoride (hydrofluoric acid)55
2811.1900.00Other inorganic acid and other inorganic Oxygen of nonmetals; Other(Othe55
2811.2100.00Carbon dioxide55
2811.2200.00Silicon dioxide5
2811.2900.00Other inorganic acid and other inorganic?. Other (Other inorganic oxygen55
2812.1000.00Chlorides and chloride oxides55
2812.9000.00Other Halides and halide oxides of nonmetals (excluding Chlorides and chloride oxides55
2813.1000.00Carbon disulphide55
2813.9000.00Sulphides of nonmetals; commercial phosphorus trisulphide; Other55
2814.1000.00Anhydrous ammonia55
2814.2000.00Ammonia in aqueous solution55
2815.1200.00In aqueous solution (soda lye or liquid soda)55
2815.2000.00Potassium hydroxide (caustic potash)55
2815.3000.00Peroxides of sodium or potassium55
2816.1000.00Hydroxide and peroxide of magnesium55
2816.4000.00Oxides, hydroxides and peroxides, of strontium or barium55
2817.0000.00Zinc oxide; zinc peroxide.55
2818.1000.00Artificial corundum, whether or not chemically defined55
2818.2000.00Aluminium oxide, other than artificial corundum55
2818.3000.00Aluminium hydroxide55
2819.1000.00Chromium trioxide5
2819.9000.00Other Chromium oxides and hydroxides55
2820.1000.00Manganese dioxide55
2820.9000.00Other manganese oxides not specified.55
2821.1000.00Iron oxides and hydroxides55
2821.2000.00Earth colours55
2822.0000.00Cobalt oxides and hydroxides; commercial cobalt oxides.55
2823.0000.00Titanium oxides.55
2824.1000.00Lead monoxide (litharge, massicot)55
2824.9000.00Other lead oxides55
2825.1000.00Hydrazine and hydroxylamine and their inorganic salts55
2825.2000.00Lithium oxide and hydroxide55
2825.3000.00Vanadium oxides and hydroxides55
2825.4000.00Nickel oxides and hydroxides55
2825.5000.00Copper oxides and hydroxides55
2825.6000.00Germanium oxides and zirconium dioxide55
2825.7000.00Molybdenum oxides and hydroxides55
2825.8000.00Antimony oxides55
2825.9000.00 Other inorganic bases; other metal oxides, hydroxides and peroxides not specified.55
2826.1200.00Fluorides of aluminium55
2826.1900.00Fluorides; fluorosilicates and other complex fluorine salts.55
2826.3000.00Sodium hexafluoroaluminate (synthetic cryolite)5
2826.9000.00Flourides; fluoursilicates, Other(Fluorides).55
2827.1000.00Ammonium chloride5
2827.2000.00Calcium chloride5
2827.3100.00chlorides of magnesium55
2827.3200.00chlorides of aluminium55
2827.3500.00chlorides of nickel55
2827.3900.00Other Cyanides and cyanide oxides (excluding cynides of sodium)55
2827.4100.00Chloride oxides and chloride hydroxides of copper55
2827.4900.00Chloride oxides and chloride hydroxides of other elements excluding Cooper55
2827.5100.00Bromides of sodium or of potassium55
2827.5900.00Chlorides, chloride oxides and chloride ... Other(Bromides55
2827.6000.00Iodides and iodide oxides5
2828.1000.00Commercial calcium hypochlorite and other calcium hypochlorites55
2828.9010.00Sodium hypochlorite (bleach) whether or not concentrated205
2828.9090.00Other bleach not specified.55
2829.1100.00Chlorates of sodium55
2829.1900.00Chlorates anderchlorates; bromates and Other(Chlorate55
2829.9000.00Other chlorates and perchlorates; bromates and ?perbromates55
2830.1000.00Sodium sulphides55
2830.9000.00Other Sulphides; polysulphides, whether or not chemically defined55
2831.1000.00Dithionites and sulphoxylates of sodium55
2831.9000.00Other Dithionites and sulphoxylates (excl. of sodium)55
2832.1000.00Sodium sulphites5
2832.2000.00Other sulphites55
2833.1100.00Disodium sulphate55
2833.1900.00Other Sodium Sulphates5
2833.2100.00Of magnesium5
2833.2200.00Of aluminium5515
2833.2400.00Of nickel55
2833.2500.00Of copper5
2833.2700.00Of barium55
2833.2900.00Other sulphates nt mentioned or included.55
2833.4000.00Peroxosulphates (persulphates)55
2834.2100.00Nitrates of potassium55
2834.2900.00Other Nitrates not specified in 28.3555
2835.1000.00Phosphinates (hypophosphites) and phosphonates (phosphites)55
2835.2200.00Phosphates of mono or disodium5
2835.2400.00Phosphates of potassium55
2835.2500.00Calcium hydrogenorthophosphate ("dicalcium phosphate")5
2835.2600.00Other phosphates of calcium55
2835.2900.00Other Phosphates not specified or included55
2835.3100.00Sodium triphosphate (sodium tripolyphosphate)55
2835.3900.00Phosphinates (hypophishites), phosphonates. Other (Polyphosphates)55
2836.2000.00Disodium carbonate55
2836.3000.00Sodium hydrogencarbonate (sodium bicarbonate)5
2836.4000.00Potassium carbonates55
2836.5000.00Calcium carbonate5
2836.6000.00Barium carbonate55
2836.9100.00Lithium carbonates55
2836.9200.00Strontium carbonate55
2836.9900.00Other Carbonates not specified or included55
2837.1100.00Cyanides and cyanide oxides of sodium55
2837.1900.00Other Cyanides and cyanide oxides not specified in 28.3755
2837.2000.00Complex cyanides55
2839.1100.00Sodium metasilicates55
2839.1900.00Other silicate of sodium not specified in 28.3955
2839.9000.00Other silicates other than of sodium not specified in 28.395
2840.1100.00Anhydrous Disodium tetraborate (refined borax)55
2840.1900.00Disodium tetraborate (non anhudrous)55
2840.2000.00Other borates55
2840.3000.00Peroxoborates (perborates)55
2841.3000.00Sodium dichromate55
2841.5000.00Other chromates and dichromates; peroxochromates55
2841.6100.00Potassium permanganate55
2841.6900.00Salts of oxometallic or peroxometallic acids. Other(Manganites, manganat55
2841.8000.00Tungstates (wolframates)55
2841.9000.00Salts ooxometallic or peroxometallic Other55
2842.1000.00Double or complex silicates, including aluminosilicates5
2842.9000.00Other salt of inorganic acids or organic not specified in 28.4255
2843.1000.00Colloidal precious metals55
2843.2100.00Silver nitrate55
2843.2900.00Other Silver compounds excluding Silver nitrate55
2843.3000.00Gold compounds55
2844.1000.00Natural uranium and compounds, alloys, dispersions, ceramic products containing uranium55
2844.2000.00Uranium, plutonium; compound; alloys, dispersions.. enriched in U 235,55
2844.3000.00Uranium, plutonium; alloys, dispersions.. enriched in U 235, thorium/compounds.55
2844.4000.00Radioactive elements, isotopes/compounds excluding 2844.10, 2844.20 or 2844.30; alloys..5
2844.5000.00Spent (irradiated) fuel elements (cartridges) of nuclear reactors55
2845.1000.00Heavy water (deuterium oxide)55
2845.9000.00Isotopes other than those of heading 28.44; Other....55
2846.1000.00Cerium compounds55
2846.9000.00Compounds, inganic or organic, of rare earth metals, of yttrium or of...55
2847.0000.00Hydrogen peroxide, whether or not solidified with urea.55
2848.0000.00Phosphides, whether or not chemically defined, excluding ferrophosphorus.55
2849.1000.00Carbides of calcium55
2849.2000.00Carbides of silicon55
2849.9000.00Other Carbides not specified in 28.4955
2850.0000.00Hydrides, nitrides, azides, silicides and borides, other than compounds of heading 28.4955
2852.1000.00Inorganic or organic compounds of mercury Chemically defined55
2852.9000.00Inorganic or organic compounds of mercury Not Chemically defined55
2853.0000.00Other inorganic compounds(including conductive water); liquid/compressed air; amalgams55
2901.1000.00Acyclic hydrocarbons Saturated55
2901.2200.00Propene (propylene)55
2901.2300.00Butene (butylene) and isomers thereof55
2901.2400.00Buta1,3diene and isoprene55
2901.2900.00Other unsaturated acyclic hydrocarbons, not specified in 29.0155
2902.1900.00Cyclic hydrocarbons cycleones and cycloterpenes: Other55
2902.4400.00Mixed xylene isomers55
2902.9000.00Other Cyclic hydrocarbons not specified in 29.0255
2903.1100.00Chloromethane (methyl chloride) and chloroethane (ethyl chloride)55
2903.1200.00Dichloromethane (methylene chloride)55
2903.1300.00Chloroform (trichloromethane)5
2903.1400.00Carbon tetrachloride55
2903.1500.00Ethylene dichloride (ISO) (1,2dichloroethane)55
2903.1910.001,1,1Trichloroethane (methyl chloroform)55
2903.1990.00Other Halogenated derivatives of hydrocarbons not specified.55
2903.2100.00Vinyl chloride (chloroethylene)55
2903.2300.00Tetrachloroethylene (perchloroethylene)55
2903.2900.00Unsaturated chlorinated derivatives of Other [acyclic hydrocarbons]55
2903.3100.00Ethylene dibromide (ISO) (1,2dibromoethane)55
2903.3910.00Bromomethane (methyl bromide)55
2903.3990.00Other Fluorinated, brominated or iodinated derivatives not specified in 29.0355
2903.7600.00Bromochlorodifluoromethane, bromotrifluoromethane and dibromotetrafluoroethanes55
2903.7700.00Other, perhalogenated only with fluorine and chlorine55
2903.7800.00Other perhalogenated derivatives55
2903.7920.00Other derivates of methane, ethane/propane halogenated only with fluorine and chlorine55
2903.7930.00Derivatives of methane, ethane/propane halogenated only with fluorine and bromine55
2903.7990.00Other Halogenated derivatives of acyclic hydrocarbons not specified in29.0355
2903.8100.001,2,3,4,5,6Hexachlorocyclohexane (HCH (ISO)), including lindane (ISO, INN)55
2903.8200.00Aldrin (ISO), chlordane (ISO) and heptachlor (ISO)55
2903.8900.00Other Halogenated derivatives of cyclanic, cyclenic or c55
2903.9100.00Chlorobenzene, odichlorobenzene and pdichlorobenzene55
2903.9200.00Hexachlorobenzene (ISO) and DDT (ISO) (clofenotane, 1,1,1trichloro2,2bis55
2903.9900.00Other Chlorobenzene, odichlorobenzene and pdichlorobenzene Not specified or included55
2904.1000.00Derivatives containing only sulpho groups, their salts and ethyl esters55
2904.2000.00Derivatives containing only nitro or only nitroso groups55
2904.9000.00Sulphonated, nitrated or nitrosated vatives Other.55
2905.1100.00Methanol (methyl alcohol)55
2905.1200.00Propan1ol (propyl alcohol) and propan2ol (isopropyl alcohol)55
2905.1300.00Butan1ol (nbutyl alcohol)55
2905.1400.00Other butanols55
2905.1600.00Octanol (octyl alcohol) and isomers thereof55
2905.1700.00Dodecan1ol (lauryl ), hexadecan1ol (cetyl ) and octadecan1ol (stearyl)5
2905.1900.00Other Saturated monohydric alcohols Not specified or included5
2905.2200.00Acyclic terpene alcohols55
2905.2900.00Acyclic alcohols and their halogenated, Other (Unsaturated monohydric alc]55
2905.3100.00Ethylene glycol (ethanediol)55
2905.3200.00Propylene glycol (propane1,2diol)5
2905.3900.00Acyclic alcohols and their halogenated, Other (Diols)55
2905.4100.002Ethyl2(hydroxymethyl)propane1,3diol (trimethylolpropane)55
2905.4400.00Dglucitol (sorbitol)5
2905.4900.00Acyclic alcohols and their halogenated, Other(Other polyhydric alcohols)55
2905.5900.00Acyclic alcohols and their halogenated, Other(Halogenated, sulphonated, n5
2906.1200.00Cyclohexanol, methylcyclohexanols and dimethylcyclohexanols55
2906.1300.00Sterols and inositols55
2906.1900.00Other cyclanic, cyclenic or cycloterpenic alcohols and derivatives, nes55
2906.2100.00Benzyl alcohol55
2906.2900.00Other Aromatic alcohol excluding Benzyl alcohol55
2907.1100.00Phenol (hydroxybenzene) and its salts55
2907.1200.00Cresols and their salts55
2907.1300.00Octylphenol, nonylphenol and their isomers; salts thereof55
2907.1500.00Naphthols and their salts55
2907.1900.00Phenols; phenolalcohols. Other(Monophenols)55
2907.2100.00Resorcinol and its salts55
2907.2200.00Hydroquinone (quinol) and its salts55
2907.2300.004,4'Isopropylidenediphenol (bisphenol A, diphenylolpropane) and its salts55
2907.2900.00Phenols; phenolalcohols. Other(Polyphenols; phenol alcohols)55
2908.1100.00Pentachlorophenol (ISO)55
2908.1900.00Other, Derivatives containing only halogen substituents and their salts55
2908.9100.00Dinoseb (ISO) and its salts55
2908.9200.004,6Dinitroocresol (DNOC (ISO)) and its salts55
2908.9900.00Other, Derivatives containing only halogen substituents and their salts55
2909.1100.00Diethyl ether55
2909.1900.00Acyclic ethers and their halogenated, sulphonated, not specified in 29.0955
2909.2000.00Cyclanic, cyclenic... ethers and their halogenated, sulphonated... derivatives55
2909.3000.00Aromatic ethers and their halogenated, sulphonated, nitrated or nitrosated derivatives55
2909.4100.002,2'Oxydiethanol (diethylene glycol, digol)55
2909.4300.00Monobutyl ethers of ethylene glycol or of diethylene glycol55
2909.4400.00Other monoalkylethers of ethylene glycol or of diethylene glycol55
2909.4900.00Etheralcohols & halogenated, sulphonated/nitrated/nitrosated deriv: not specif. in 29.0955
2909.5000.00Etherphenols, etheralcoholphenols and halogenated, sulphonated, nitrated.. derivatives55
2909.6000.00Alcohol/ether peroxides, ketone peroxides and halogenated, sulphonated... derivatives55
2910.1000.00Oxirane (ethylene oxide)55
2910.2000.00Methyloxirane (propylene oxide)55
2910.3000.001Chloro2,3epoxypropane (epichlorohydrin)55
2910.4000.00Dieldrin (ISO, INN)55
2910.9000.00Epoxides, epoxyalcohols, epoxyphenols an Other55
2911.0000.00Alcohol/ether/ketone peroxides and their halogenated, sulphonated... derivatives55
2912.1100.00Methanal (formaldehyde)55
2912.1200.00Ethanal (acetaldehyde)55
2912.1900.00Other acyclic aldehydes, without oxygen function, nes55
2912.2900.00Other Cyclic aldehydes without other oxygen function Not specified or included55
2912.4100.00Vanillin (4hydroxy3methoxybenzaldehyde)5
2912.4200.00Ethylvanillin (3ethoxy4hydroxybenzaldehyde)5
2912.4900.00Aldehydes, whether or not with other oxy Other5
2912.5000.00Cyclic polymers of aldehydes55
2913.0000.00Halogenated, sulphonated/nitrated or nitrosated derivatives of product of heading 29.12.55
2914.1200.00Butanone (methyl ethyl ketone)55
2914.1300.004Methylpentan2one (methyl isobutyl ketone)55
2914.1900.00Other Acyclic ketones without other oxygen function not specified in 29.145
2914.2200.00Cyclohexanone and methylcyclohexanones55
2914.2300.00Ionones and methylionones55
2914.2990.00Other Cyclanic, cyclenic or cycloterpenic ketones not specified in 29.1455
2914.3100.00Phenylacetone (phenylpropan2one)55
2914.3900.00Ketone and quinons, whether or not wit.. Other (aromatic ketones without other55
2914.4000.00Ketonealcohols and ketonealdehydes55
2914.5000.00Ketonephenols and ketones with other oxygen function55
2914.6900.00Ketones and quinones, whether or not wi.. Other(Quinones)55
2914.7000.00Halogenated, sulphonated, nitrated or nitrosated derivatives55
2915.1100.00Formic acid55
2915.1200.00Salts of formic acid55
2915.1300.00Esters of formic acid55
2915.2100.00Acetic acid55
2915.2400.00Acetic anhydride55
2915.2900.00Saturated acyclic monocarboxylic acids a Other55
2915.3100.00Ethyl acetate5
2915.3200.00Vinyl acetate55
2915.3300.00nButyl acetate55
2915.3600.00Dinoseb (ISO) acetate55
2915.3900.00Other, esters of acetic acid55
2915.4000.00Mono, di or trichloroacetic acids, their salts and esters55
2915.5000.00Propionic acid, its salts and esters55
2915.6000.00Butanoic acids, pentanoic acids, their salts and esters55
2915.7000.00Palmitic acid, stearic acid, their salts and esters5
2915.9000.00Saturated acyclic monocarboxylic acids .. Other55
2916.1100.00Acrylic acid and its salts55
2916.1200.00Esters of acrylic acid55
2916.1300.00Methacrylic acid and its salts55
2916.1400.00Esters of methacrylic acid55
2916.1500.00Oleic, linoleic or linolenic acids, their salts and esters55
2916.1600.00Binapacryl (ISO)55
2916.1900.00Unsaturated acyclic monocarboxylic acid.. Other(Unsaturated acyclic monocarbo..)5
2916.2000.00Cyclanic, cyclenic... monocarboxylic acids, their anhydrides, halides... derivatives55
2916.3100.00Benzoic acid, its salts and esters55
2916.3200.00Benzoyl peroxide and benzoyl chloride55
2916.3400.00Phenylacetic acid and its salts55
2916.3900.00Other Aromatic monocarboxylic acids, their anhydrides, halides... and their derivatives5
2917.1100.00Oxalic acid, its salts and esters55
2917.1200.00Adipic acid, its salts and esters55
2917.1300.00Azelaic acid, sebacic acid, their salts and esters55
2917.1400.00Maleic anhydride55
2917.1900.00Polycoxylic acids, their anhydrides, .. Other(Acyclic polycarboxylic acids..)5
2917.2000.00Cyclanic, cyclenic... polycarboxylic acids, their anhydrides... and their derivatives5
2917.3200.00Dioctyl orthophthalates55
2917.3300.00Dinonyl or didecyl orthophthalates55
2917.3400.00Other esters of orthophthalic acid55
2917.3500.00Phthalic anhydride55
2917.3600.00Terephthalic acid and its salts55
2917.3700.00Dimethyl terephthalate55
2917.3900.00Pycaboxylic acids, their anhydrides,.. Other(Aromatic polycarboxylic acids..)55
2918.1100.00Lactic acid, its salts and esters55
2918.1200.00Tartaric acid5
2918.1300.00Salts and esters of tartaric acid55
2918.1400.00Citric acid5
2918.1500.00Salts and esters of citric acid5
2918.1600.00Gluconic acid, its salts and esters5
2918.1800.00Chlorobenzilate (ISO)55
2918.1900.00Carboxylic acids with additional oxygen Other5
2918.2100.00Salicylic acid and its salts55
2918.2200.00OAcetylsalicylic acid, its salts and esters55
2918.2300.00Other esters of salicylic acid and their salts55
2918.2900.00Carboxyc acids with additional oxygen.. Other(Caboxylic acids wit phenol ..)55
2918.3000.00Carboxylic acids with aldehyde/ketone without oxygen, anhydride... and their derivatives55
2918.9100.002,4,5T (ISO) (2,4,5trichlorophenoxyacetic acid), its salts and esters55
2918.9900.00Other Carboxylic acids with aldehyde or ketone function not specified in 29.1855
2919.1000.00Tris(2,3dibromopropyl) phosphate55
2919.9000.00Other,Phosphoric esters and their salts, including lactophosphates55
2920.1100.00Parathion (ISO) and parathionmethyl (ISO) (methylparathion)55
2920.1900.00Other, Thiophosphoric esters and their salts55
2920.9000.00Other Esters of other inorganic acids (excl. of hydrogen halides) etc, nes55
2921.1100.00Methylamine, di or trimethylamine and their salts55
2921.1900.00Other Acyclic monoamines and their derivatives, nes salts thereof55
2921.2100.00Ethylenediamine and its salts55
2921.2200.00Hexamethylenediamine and its salts55
2921.2900.00Aminefunction compounds. Other(Acyclic polyamines and their ...)55
2921.3000.00Cyclanic, cyclenic... mono or polyamines, and their derivatives; salts thereof55
2921.4100.00Aniline and its salts55
2921.4200.00Aniline derivatives and their salts55
2921.4300.00Toluidines and their derivatives; salts thereof55
2921.4400.00Diphenylamine and its derivatives; salts thereof55
2921.4500.001Naphthylamine, 2naphthylamine and their derivatives; salts thereof55
2921.4600.00Amfetamine, benzfetamine, dexamfetamine (INN55
2921.4900.00Aminefunction compounds. Other(Aromatic monoamines and their..)55
2921.5100.00o, m, pPhenylenediamine, diaminotoluenes, and their derivatives; salts thereof55
2921.5900.00Aminefunction compounds. Other(Aromatic polyamines and their..)55
2922.1100.00Monoethanolamine and its salts55
2922.1200.00Diethanolamine and its salts55
2922.1300.00Triethanolamine and its salts55
2922.1400.00Dextropropoxyphene and its salts55
2922.1900.00Oxygenfunction aminocompounds. Other(Aminoalcohols, other than those..)55
2922.2100.00Aminohydroxynaphthalenesulphonic acids and their salts55
2922.2900.00Other Aminonapthols and Aphenols, etc 1 oxygen function, salts, nes55
2922.3100.00Amfepramone, methadone and normethadone ; salts thereof55
2922.3900.00Other Aminoaldehydes, aminoketones and aminoquinones, not specified in 29.2255
2922.4100.00Lysine and its esters; salts thereof55
2922.4210.00Chemically refined monosodium glutamate powder or granules for retail sale ( eg A1)105
2922.4290.00Other Glutamic acid and its salts Not specified or included55
2922.4300.00Anthranilic acid and its salts55
2922.4400.00Tilidine and its salts55
2922.4900.00Oxygenfunction aminocompounds. Other55
2922.5000.00Aminoalcoholphenols, aminoacidphenols and other aminocompounds with oxygen function55
2923.1000.00Choline and its salts55
2923.2000.00Lecithins and other phosphoaminolipids55
2923.9000.00Quaternary ammonium salts and hydroxid.. Other55
2924.1200.00Fluoroacetamide (ISO), monocrotophos (ISO) and phosphamidon (ISO)55
2924.1900.00Carboxyamidefunction compounds; amidefun Other55
2924.2100.00Ureines and their derivatives; salts thereof55
2924.2300.002Acetamidobenzoic acid (Nacetylanthranilic acid) and its salts55
2924.2900.00Carboxyamidefuncti compounds; amide.. Other(Cyclic amides (includg cyclic..)5
2925.1100.00Saccharin and its salts55
2925.1900.00Carboxyimidefunction compounds (includi.. Other(Imides and their derivates..)55
2925.2100.00Chlordimeform (ISO)55
2925.2900.00Other Imines and their derivatives; salts thereof; Not specified or included55
2926.2000.001Cyanoguanidine (dicyandiamide)55
2926.3000.00Fenproporex and its salts; methadone intermediate55
2926.9000.00Nitrilefunction compounds. Other5
2927.0000.00Diazo, azo or azoxycompounds.55
2928.0000.00Organic derivatives of hydrazine or of hydroxylamine.5
2929.9000.00Compounds with other nitrogen function. Other55
2930.2000.00Thiocarbamates and dithiocarbamates55
2930.3000.00Thiuram mono, di or tetrasulphides55
2930.5000.00Captafol (ISO) and methamidophos (ISO)55
2930.9000.00Organosulphur compnds. Other55
2931.1000.00Tetramethyl lead and tetraethyl lead55
2931.2000.00Tributyltin compounds55
2931.9000.00Other Other organoinorganic compounds; Not specified or included55
2932.1200.002Furaldehyde (furfuraldehyde)55
2932.1300.00Furfuryl alcohol and tetrahydrofurfuryl alcohol55
2932.1900.00Heterocyclic compounds with oxygen hete.. Other(Compounds containing an unfused..)55
2932.9500.00Tetrahydrocannabinols (all isomers)55
2932.9900.00Heterocyclic compounds with oxygen hete.. Other55
2933.1100.00Phenazone (antipyrin) and its derivatives5
2933.1900.00Heterocyclic compounds with nitrogen he.. Other(Compounds containing an unfused..)5
2933.2100.00Hydantoin and its derivatives5
2933.2900.00Heterocyclic compounds with nitrogen .. Other(Compounds containing an unfused..)5
2933.3100.00Pyridine and its salts55
2933.3200.00Piperidine and its salts55
2933.3300.00Alfentanil, anileridine, bezitramide, bromazepam, difenoxin, diphenoxylate55
2933.3900.00Heterocyclic compounds with nitrogen .. Other(Compound containing in the str..)55
2933.4100.00Levorphanol and its salts5
2933.4900.00Heterocyclic compounds with nitrogen het Other55
2933.5200.00Malonylurea (barbituric acid) and its salts55
2933.5300.00Allobarbital, amobarbital, barbital, butalbital, butobarbital, cyclobarbital.55
2933.5400.00Other derivatives of malonylurea (barbituric acid); salts thereof55
2933.5500.00Loprazolam, mecloqualone, methaqualone and zipeprol ; salts thereof55
2933.5900.00Heterocyclic compounds with nitrogen he.. Other(Compounds containing a pyrimidine)55
2933.6900.00Heterocyclic compounds with nitrogen he.. Other(Compounds containing an unfused..)55
2933.7100.006Hexanelactam (epsiloncaprolactam)55
2933.7200.00Clobazam and methyprylon55
2933.7900.00Other lactams55
2933.9100.00Alprazolam, camazepam, chlordiazepoxide, clonazepam, clorazepate, delorazepam, diazepam55
2933.9900.00Heterocyclic compounds with nitrogen he.. Other55
2934.1000.00Compounds containing an unfused thiazole ring (whether or55
2934.2000.00Compounds containing in the structure a benzothiazole ringsystem , not further fused55
2934.3000.00Compounds containing in the structure a phenothiazine ringsystem, not further fused55
2934.9100.00Aminorex, brotizolam, clotiazepam, cloxazolam, dextromoramide salts thereof55
2934.9900.00Nucleic acids and their salts, whether .. Other55
2936.2100.00Vitamins A and their derivatives55
2936.2200.00Vitamin B1 and its derivatives55
2936.2300.00Vitamin B2 and its derivatives55
2936.2400.00D or DLPantothenic acid (Vitamin B3 or Vitamin B5) and its derivatives55
2936.2500.00Vitamin B6 and its derivatives55
2936.2600.00Vitamin B12 and its derivatives55
2936.2700.00Vitamin C and its derivatives55
2936.2800.00Vitamin E and its derivatives55
2936.2900.00Other vitamins and their derivatives55
2936.9000.00Other, including natural concentrates55
2937.1100.00Somatotropin, its derivatives and structural analogues55
2937.1200.00Insulin and its salts55
2937.1900.00Hormones, prostaglandins, thromboxanes... Other(Polypeptide hormones, protein..)55
2937.2100.00Aminorex, brotizolam, clotiazepam, cloxazolam, dextromoramide... salts thereof55
2937.2200.00Halogenated derivatives of corticosteroidal hormones55
2937.2300.00Oestrogens and progestogens55
2937.2900.00Hormones, prostaglandins, thromboxanes... Other(Steroidal hormones, their deriva..)55
2937.5000.00Prostaglandins, thromboxanes and leukotrienes, derivatives and structural analogues55
2937.9000.00Hormones, prostagndins, thromboxanes .. Other55
2938.1000.00Rutoside (rutin) and its derivatives55
2938.9000.00Glycodsides, natural or reproduced by .. Other55
2939.1100.00Concentrates of poppy straw; buprenorphine, codeine... and thebaine; salts thereof55
2939.1900.00Vegetable alkaloids, natural or reprodu.. Other(Alkaloides of opium and their..)55
2939.2000.00Alkaloids of cinchona and their derivatives; salts thereof5
2939.3000.00Caffeine and its salts5
2939.4100.00Ephedrine and its salts5
2939.4200.00Pseudoephedrine and its salts55
2939.4300.00Cathine and its salts55
2939.4400.00Norephedrine and its salts55
2939.4900.00Vegetable alkaloids, natural or reprodu.. Other(Ephedrines and their salts)55
2939.5100.00Fenetylline and its salts55
2939.5900.00Vegetable alkaloids, natural or reprodu.. Other(Theophylline and aminophyline)55
2939.6100.00Ergometrine and its salts5
2939.6200.00Ergotamine and its salts5
2939.6300.00Lysergic acid and its salts55
2939.6900.00Vegetable alkaloids, natural or reprodu.. Other(Alkaloids of rye ergot and their..55
2939.9100.00Cocaine, ecgonine. and other derivatives thereof55
2939.9900.00Vegetable alkaloids, natural or reprodu.. Other5
2940.0000.00Sugars,pure, other than sucrose... other than products of heading 29.37, 29.38 or 29.39.55
2941.1000.00Penicillins and their derivatives with a penicillanic acid structure; salts thereof5
2941.2000.00Streptomycins and their derivatives; salts thereof5
2941.3000.00Tetracyclines and their derivatives; salts thereof5
2941.4000.00Chloramphenicol and its derivatives; salts thereof5
2941.5000.00Erythromycin and its derivatives; salts thereof5
2941.9000.00Antibiotics Other5
2942.0000.00Other organic compounds.55
3001.2000.00Extracts of glands or other organs or of their secretions0
3001.9000.00Glands and other organs for organotherap Other0
3002.1000.00Antisera, other blood fractions and immunological products0
3002.2000.00Vaccines for human medicine0
3002.3000.00Vaccines for veterinary medicine0
3002.9090.00Other similar product not specified.0
3003.1000.00Containing penicillins or derivatives thereof, with a penicillanic or their derivatives0
3003.2000.00Containing other antibiotics0
3003.3100.00Containing insulin0
3003.3900.00Medicaments (excluding goods of heading Other0
3003.4000.00Containing alkaloids or derivatives thereof but not conta0
3003.9000.00Other Containing hormones or other products of heading 290
3004.1000.00Containing penicillins or derivatives thereof, with a pen0
3004.2000.00Containing other antibiotics020
3004.3100.00Containing insulin0
3004.3200.00Containing corticosteroid hormones, their derivatives or structural analogues0
3004.3900.00Other Containing other antibiotics; Not specified or included0
3004.4000.00Containing alkaloids or derivatives thereof but not conta020
3004.5000.00Other medicaments containing vitamins or other products of heading 29.36020
3004.9020.00Oral Rehydration Salt (ORS)0
3004.9090.00Other a0
3005.1000.00Adhesive dressings and other articles having an adhesive layer0
3005.9000.00Wadding, gauze, bandages and similar art Other0
3006.1000.00Sterile surgical catgut, similar sterile suture materials0
3006.2000.00Bloodgrouping reagents0
3006.3000.00Opacifying preparations for Xray examinations; diagnosti0
3006.4000.00Dental cements and other dental fillings; bone reconstruction cements0
3006.5000.00Firstaid boxes and kits0
3006.6000.00Chemical contraceptive preparations based on hormones, on0
3006.7000.00Gel preparations designed to be used in human or veterina0
3006.9100.00Appliances identifiable for ostomy use05
3006.9200.00Waste pharmaceuticals05
3101.0000.00Animal or vegetable fertilisers, whether or not mixed toget5
3102.1000.00Urea, whether or not in aqueous solution0
3102.2100.00Ammonium sulphate0
3102.2900.00Other double salts and mixtures of ammonium sulphate and ammonium nitrate0
3102.3000.00Ammonium nitrate, whether or not in aqueous solution0
3102.4000.00Mixtures of ammonium nitrate with calcium carbonate or ot5
3102.5000.00Sodium nitrate0
3102.6000.00Double salts and mixtures of calcium nitrate and ammonium nitrate0
3102.8000.00Mixtures of urea and ammonium nitrate in aqueous or ammoniacal solution5
3102.9000.00Other, including mixtures not specified in the foregoing subheadings0
3103.9000.00Mineral or chemical fertilizer phospOther.0
3104.2000.00Potassium chloride0
3104.3000.00Potassium sulphate0
3104.9000.00Other Mineral or chemical fertilisers, potassic; Not specified or included0
3105.1000.00Goods of this Chapter in tablets or similar forms or in p0
3105.2000.00Mineral or chemical fertilisers containing the three fert5
3105.3000.00Diammonium hydrogenorthophosphate (diammonium phosphate)0
3105.4000.00Ammonium dihydrogenorthophosphate (monoammonium phosphate0
3105.5100.00Containing nitrates and phosphates5
3105.5900.00Mineral or chemical fertilizers containi Other5
3105.6000.00Mineral or chemical fertilisers containing the two fertil5
3105.9000.00Mineral or chemical fertiliser containing Other5
3201.1000.00Quebracho extract55
3201.2000.00Wattle extract55
3201.9000.00Tanning extracts of vegetablorigin; ta Other55
3202.1000.00Synthetic organic tanning substances55
3202.9000.00Synthetic ganic tanning substances; in other105
3203.0010.00Natural indigo55
3203.0090.00Other Colouring matter of vegetable or animal origin not specified.55
3204.1100.00Disperse dyes and preparations based thereon55
3204.1200.00Acid dyes, whether or not premetallised, and preparation55
3204.1300.00Basic dyes and preparations based thereon55
3204.1400.00Direct dyes and preparations based thereon55
3204.1500.00Vat dyes (including those usable in that state as pigmen55
3204.1600.00Reactive dyes and preparations based thereon105
3204.1700.00Pigments and preparations based thereon55
3204.1900.00Other, including mixtures of colouring matter of two or 55
3204.2000.00Synthetic organic products of a kind used as fluorescent brightening agents55
3204.9000.00Other Synthetic organic colouring matter, whether or not 55
3205.0000.00Colour lakes; preparations as specified in Note 3 to this Chapter based on colour lakes.105
3206.1100.00Containing 80 % or more by weight of titanium dioxide calculated on the dry matter55
3206.1900.00Other pigments and preparations based on titanium dioxide55
3206.2000.00Pigments and preparations based on chromium compounds55
3206.4100.00Ultramarine and preparations based thereon55
3206.4200.00Lithopone and other pigments and preparations based on zinc sulphide55
3206.4910.00Pigments and preparations based on cadminum compounds55
3206.4920.00Pigments and preparations based on hexacynoferrates (ferrocynides and ferricynides)55
3206.4990.00Other Medicaments covered in the heading not specified or included105
3206.5000.00Inorganic products of a kind used as luminophores55
3207.1000.00Prepared pigments, prepared opacifiers, prepared colours and similar preparations55
3207.2000.00Vitrifiable enamels and glazes, engobes (slips) and similar preparations55
3207.3000.00Liquid lustres and similar preparations55
3207.4000.00Glass frit and other glass, in the form of powder, granules or flakes55
3208.1000.00Based on polyesters20515
3208.2010.00Varnishes (including lacquers)205
3208.2020.00Paints (including enamels)205
3208.2090.00Solutions as defined in Note 4 to this Chapter205
3208.9021.00Dry powder paint205
3208.9029.00Other Paints and varnishes covered in the heading not specified or included20510
3208.9090.00Solutions as defined in Note 4 to this Chapter205
3210.0090.00Other paints and varnishes not specified.205
3211.0000.00Prepared driers.55
3212.1000.00Stamping foils55
3212.9000.00Pigments (including metallic powders and Other55
3213.1000.00Colours in sets105
3213.9000.00Artists, students or signboard painter Other105
3214.1010.00Glaziers' putty, grafting putty, resin cements, caulking compounds and other mastics105
3214.1020.00Painters' fillings105
3214.9000.00nonrefractory surfacing preparations for facades, indoor105
3215.1900.00Printing ink, writing or drawing ink and Other[printing ink]105
3215.9010.00Writing ink105
3215.9090.00Other ink not specified205
3301.1200.00Essential oils of orange105
3301.1300.00Essential oils of lemon105
3301.1900.00Essential oils of citrus fruit Other.105
3301.2400.00Essential oils of peppermint (Mentha piperita)105
3301.2500.00Essential oils of other mints105
3301.2910.00Essential oils of citronella105
3301.2990.00Other Essential oils other than those of citrus fruit 105
3301.9000.00Other essential oils, aqueous distillates and aqueous solutions of essential oils105
3302.1000.00Mixtures of odoriferous substances of a kind used in the food or drink industries55
3302.9010.00Mixtures of odoriferous substances of a kind used in perfumery105
3302.9090.00Mixtures of odoriferous substances of a kind used in other industries55
3303.0010.00Liquid perfumes, containing alcohol205
3303.0020.00Liquid perfumes, not containing alcohol205
3303.0090.00Other Perfumes and toilet waters not specified.205
3304.1000.00Lip makeup preparations205
3304.2000.00Eye makeup preparations205
3304.3000.00Manicure or pedicure preparations205
3304.9100.00Powders, whether or not compressed205
3304.9900.00Beauty or makeup preparations and prepar Other205
3305.2000.00Preparations for permanent waving or straightening205
3305.3000.00Hair lacquers205
3305.9000.00Preparations for use on the hair. Other205
3306.2000.00Yarn used to clean between the teeth (dental floss)205
3306.9000.00Preparations for oral or dental hygiene, Other205
3307.1000.00Preshave, shaving or aftershave preparations205
3307.2000.00Personal deodorants and antiperspirants205
3307.3000.00Perfumed bath salts and other bath preparations205
3307.4100.00"Agarbatti" and other odoriferous preparations which operate by burning205
3307.4900.00Preshave, shaving oaftershave preparat Other (Preparations for perfumingor deodo205
3307.9000.00Preshave, shaving or aftershave preparat Other205
3401.1110.00Medicated soaps105
3401.1190.00Soap For toilet use (excluding Medicated soaps)355
3401.1910.00Household soaps355
3401.1920.00Surfaceactive products and preparations355
3401.1990.00Other soaps covered in this subheading but not specified or included355
3401.2000.00Soap in other forms355
3401.3000.00Organic surfaceactive products and preparations for wash355
3402.1110.00Put up for retail sale355
3402.1190.00Other Anionic Organic surfaceactive agents, not put up for retail sale205
3402.1210.00Put up for retail sale355
3402.1290.00Other Cationic Organic surfaceactive agents, not put up for retail sale205
3402.1310.00Put up for retail sale355
3402.1390.00Other Nonionic Organic surfaceactive agents, not put up for retail sale205
3402.1910.00Put up for retail sale355
3402.1990.00Other Organic surfaceactive agents, not put up for retail sale205
3402.2000.00Preparations put up for retail sale355
3402.9000.00Organic surfaceactive agents (other than Other.205
3403.1100.00Preparations for the treatment of textile materials, lea105
3403.1900.00Lubricating preparations (including cutt Other55
3403.9100.00Preparations for the treatment of textile materials, lea105
3403.9900.00Lubricating preparations (including cutt other Preparations for the treatment of.105
3404.2000.00Of poly(oxyethylene) (polyethylene glycol)105
3404.9000.00Other artificial waxes and prepared waxes105
3405.1000.00Polishes, creams and similar preparations for footwear or leather205
3405.2000.00Polishes, creams and similar preparations for the mainten205
3405.3000.00Polishes and similar preparations for coachwork, other than metal polishes205
3405.4000.00Scouring pastes and powders and other scouring preparations205
3405.9000.00Polishes and creams, for footwear, furni Other.205
3406.0000.00Candles, tapers and the like.205
3407.0000.00Modelling pastes, including those put up for children's amu205
3501.9000.00Casein, caseinates and other casein deri Other.105
3502.1900.00Albumins (including concentrates of two Other (Egg albumin).105
3502.2000.00Milk albumin, including concentrates of two or more whey proteins105
3502.9000.00Albumins (including concentrates of two or Other.105
3503.0000.00Gelatin (including gelatin in rectangular (including square105
3504.0000.00Peptones and their derivatives; other protein substances an105
3505.1000.00Dextrins and other modified starches55
3506.1000.00Products suitable for use as glues or adhesives, put up f205
3506.9100.00Adhesives based on polymers of headings 39.01 to 39.13 or on rubber55
3506.9900.00Prepared glues and other prepared adhesives Other adhesives55
3507.1000.00Rennet and concentrates thereof105
3507.9000.00Other enzymes prepared and not elsewhere specified or included05
3601.0000.00Propellent powders.55
3602.0090.00Other Prepared explosives, other than propellent powders not specified.55
3603.0000.00Safety fuses; detonating fuses; percussion or detonating ca55
3604.9000.00Fireworks, gnalling flares, rain rockets, fog signals and other phyrotec205
3605.0000.00Matches, other than pyrotechnic articles of heading 36.04.205
3606.1000.00Liquid or liquefiedgas fuels in containers of a kind use205
3606.9000.00Other Liquid or liquefiedgas fuels in containers of a ki205
3701.1000.00For XrayM255
3701.2000.00Instant print film55
3701.3000.00Other plates and film, with any side exceeding 255 mmM255
3701.9100.00For colour photography (polychrome)205
3701.9900.00Photographic plates and film in the flat Other.M2205
3702.1000.00For XrayM255
3702.3100.00For colour photography (polychrome)U205
3702.3200.00Other, with silver halide emulsionM2205
3702.3910.00Instant print filmM255
3702.3990.00Other film, without perforations, of a width not exceeding 105 mm not specified.M2205
3702.4100.00Of a width exceeding 610 mm and of a length exceeding 20M2205
3702.4200.00Of a width exceeding 610 mm and of a length exceeding 20M2205
3702.4300.00Of a width exceeding 610 mm and of a length not exceeding 200 mM2105
3702.4400.00Of a width exceeding 105 mm but not exceeding 610 mmM2205
3702.5200.00Of a width not exceeding 16 mmM205
3702.5300.00Of a width exceeding 16 mm but not exceeding 35 mm and oM205
3702.5400.00Of a width exceeding 16 mm but not exceeding 35 mm and oM205
3702.5500.00Of a width exceeding 16 mm but not exceeding 35 mm and of a length exceeding 30 mM205
3702.5600.00Of a width exceeding 35 mmM205
3702.9600.00Of a width not exceeding 35 mm and of a length not exceeding 30 mM205
3702.9700.00Of a width not exceeding 35 mm and of a length exceeding 30 mM205
3702.9800.00Of a width exceeding 35 mmM205
3703.1000.00In rolls of a width exceeding 610 mm205
3703.2000.00Other, for colour photography (polychrome)205
3703.9000.00Photographic paper, paperboard and text.. Other.205
3704.0000.00Photographic plates, film, paper, paperboard and textiles, exposed but not developed.205
3705.1000.00For offset reproduction205
3705.9000.00Photographic plates and film, exposed and, Other.205
3706.1010.00For exhibition in cinema hallsM205
3706.1090.00Other Cinematographic film of width 35mm 0r more not specified.M205
3706.9010.00For exhibition in cinema hallsM205
3706.9090.00Other Cinematographic film not specified.M205
3707.1000.00Sensitising emulsions205
3707.9000.00Chemical preparations for photographic... Other55
3801.1000.00Artificial graphite105
3801.2000.00Colloidal or semicolloidal graphite105
3801.3000.00Carbonaceous pastes for electrodes and similar pastes for furnace linings105
3801.9000.00Artificial graphite; colloil or semico... Other.105
3802.1000.00Activated carbon105
3802.9000.00Activated carbon; activated natural Other.55
3803.0000.00Tall oil, whether or not refined.105
3804.0000.00Residual lyes from the manufacture of wood pulp, whether or105
3805.1000.00Gum, wood or sulphate turpentine oils105
3805.9000.00Gum, wood or sulphate turpentine and other. Other.105
3806.1000.00Rosin and resin acids105
3806.2000.00Salts of rosin, of resin acids or of derivatives of rosin105
3806.3000.00Ester gums105
3806.9000.00Other derivatives of rosin and resin acids, nes; rosin spirit and oils, nes105
3807.0000.00Wood tar; wood tar oils; wood creosote; wood naphtha; veget105
3808.5011.00For agricultural purposes55
3808.5019.00Goods specified in Subheading Note 1 to this Chapter, 205
3808.5090.00Other Goods specified in Subheading Note 1 to this Chapter not specified.55
3808.9111.10Containing bromomethane (methyl bromide) or bromochloromethane5
3808.9111.90Other products of the type used for agricultural purposes c5
3808.9119.10Mosquito coils205
3808.9119.20Containing bromomethane (methyl bromide) or bromochloromethane205
3808.9119.90Other Insecticides Put up for retail sale, Of the ty205
3808.9190.00Other Insecticides not Put up for retail sale, Of th55
3808.9210.00Containing bromomethane (methyl bromide) or bromochloromethane5
3808.9290.00Other Fungicides not specified or included in this heading.5
3808.9310.00Containing bromomethane (methyl bromide) or bromochloromethane5
3808.9390.00Other Herbicides, antisprouting products and plantgr5
3808.9410.00Containing bromomethane (methyl bromide) or bromochloromethane205
3808.9490.00Other Disinfectant not specified or included in this heading.205
3808.9910.00Containing bromomethane (methyl bromide) or bromochloromethane205
3808.9990.00Other Products covered in this heading but not specified or included205
3809.1000.00With a basis of amylaceous substances55
3809.9100.00Of a kind used in the textile or like industries55
3809.9200.00Of a kind used in the paper or like industries55
3809.9300.00Of a kind used in the leather or like industries55
3810.1000.00Pickling preparations for metal surfaces; soldering, braz55
3810.9000.00fluxes and other auxiliary preparations for soldering, br105
3811.1100.00Based on lead compounds105
3811.1900.00Antiknock preparations, oxidation i Other.105
3811.2100.00Containing petroleum oils or oils obtained from bituminous minerals105
3811.2900.00Other additives for lubricating oils (excl. with petroleum oils)105
3811.9000.00Other additives other than for lubricating oils nes105
3812.1000.00Prepared rubber accelerators55
3812.2000.00Compound plasticisers for rubber or plastics55
3812.3000.00Antioxidising preparations and other compound stabilisers for rubber or plastics55
3813.0010.00Containing bromochlorodifluoromethane, bromotrifluoromet105
3813.0020.00Containing methane, ethane or propane hydrobromofluocarbons (HBFCs)105
3813.0030.00Containing methane, ethane or hydrochlorofluorocarbons (HCFCs)105
3813.0040.00Containing bromochloromethane105
3813.0090.00Other not specified.105
3814.0010.00Containing methane, ethane or propane chlorofluorocarbon55
3814.0020.00Containing methane, ethane or propane hydrochlorofluoroc105
3814.0030.00Containing carbon tetrachloride, bromochloromethane, met105
3814.0090.00Other Organic composite solvents and thinners, not elsew105
3815.1100.00With nickel or nickel compounds as the active substance105
3815.1200.00With precious metal or precious metal compounds as the active substance105
3815.1900.00Reaction initiators, reaction accelerato.. Other.105
3815.9000.00Reaction initiators, reaction accele Other.105
3816.0000.00Refractory cements, mortars, concretes and similar composit105
3817.0000.00Mixed alkylbenzenes and mixed alkylnaphthalenes, other than55
3818.0000.00Chemical elements doped for use in electronics, in the form105
3819.0000.00Hydraulic brake fluids and other prepared liquids for hydra105
3820.0000.00Antifreezing preparations and prepared deicing fluids.105
3821.0000.00Prepared culture media for the development or maintenance o0
3822.0000.00Diagnostic or laboratory reagents on a backing, prepared di0
3823.1100.00Stearic acid55
3823.1200.00Oleic acid55
3823.1300.00Tall oil fatty acids55
3823.1900.00Industrial monocarboxylic fatty acids n oils from refining nes55
3823.7000.00Industrial fatty alcohols55
3824.1000.00Prepared binders for foundry moulds or cores105
3824.3000.00Nonagglomerated metal carbides mixed together or with metallic binders105
3824.4000.00Prepared additives for cements, mortars or concretes105
3824.5000.00Nonrefractory mortars and concretes105
3824.6000.00Sorbitol other than that of subheading 2905.4455
3824.7100.00Containing chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs), whether or not co105
3824.7200.00Containing bromochlorodifluoromethane, bromotrifluoromet105
3824.7300.00Containing hydrobromofluorocarbons (HBFCs)105
3824.7400.00Containing hydrochlorofluorocarbons (HCFCs), whether or 105
3824.7500.00Containing carbon tetrachloride105
3824.7600.00Containing 1,1,1trichloroethane (methyl chloroform)105
3824.7700.00Containing bromomethane (methyl bromide) or bromochloromethane105
3824.7800.00Containing perfluorocarbons (PFCs) or hydrofluorocarbons105
3824.7900.00Prepared binders for foundry moulds or c Other,105
3824.8100.00Containing oxirane (ethylene oxide)105
3824.8200.00Containing polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs), polychlorin105
3824.8300.00Containing tris(2,3dibromopropyl) phosphate105
3824.9010.00Ion exchangers105
3824.9020.00Ink removers and stencil correctors105
3824.9091.00Containg carbon tetrachloride, bromochloromethane or 1105
3824.9092.00Containing bromomethane (methyl bromide)105
3824.9093.00Containing methane, ethane or propane hydrobromofluorocarbons (HBFCs)105
3824.9094.00Containing methane, ethane or propane hydrochlorofluorocarbons (HCFCs)105
3824.9095.00Fluid and nonfluid correctors105
3824.9099.00Other chemical products and preparations of the chemic55
3825.1000.00Municipal waste105
3825.2000.00Sewage sludge105
3825.3000.00Clinical waste105
3825.4900.00Residual products of the chemical or allied Other[ waste organic sol]..105
3825.5000.00Wastes of metal pickling liquors, hydraulic fluids, brake fluids and antifreeze fluids105
3825.6100.00Mainly containing organic constituents105
3825.6900.00Residual products of the chemical or allied Other105
3825.9000.00Residual products of the other waste from l Other.105
3826.0000.00Biodiesel and mixtures thereof, not containing or containin105
3901.1000.00Polyethylene having a specific gravity of less than 0.94555
3901.2000.00Polyethylene having a specific gravity of 0.94 or more555
3901.3000.00Ethylenevinyl acetate copolymers55
3901.9000.00Other polymers of ethylene, in primary forms, nes55
3902.3000.00Propylene copolymers55
3902.9000.00Polymers of propylene or of other olefin.. Other.55
3903.1900.00Other polystyrene (excl. expansible) in primary forms55
3903.2000.00Styreneacrylonitrile (SAN) copolymers55
3903.3000.00Acrylonitrilebutadienestyrene (ABS) copolymers55
3903.9000.00Polymers of styrene, in primary forms. Other55
3904.1000.00Poly(vinyl chloride), not mixed with any other substances55
3904.3000.00Vinyl chloridevinyl acetate copolymers55
3904.4000.00Other vinyl chloride copolymers55
3904.5000.00Vinylidene chloride polymers55
3904.6900.00Polymers of vinyl chloride or of other Other(Fluoropolymers].55
3904.9000.00Polymers of vinyl chloride of other ... Other.55
3905.1200.00In aqueous dispersion55
3905.1900.00Polymers of vinyl acetate or of other vinyl acetate; Othekg55
3905.2100.00In aqueous dispersion55
3905.2900.00Other Vinyl acetate copolymers not specified.55
3905.3000.00Poly(vinyl alcohol), whether or not containing unhydrolysed acetate groups55
3905.9900.00Other polymers of other vinyl esters and other vinyl polymers in primary forms, nes55
3906.1000.00Poly(methyl methacrylate)55
3906.9000.00Other Acrylic Polymers prepared in primary forms, nes555
3907.2000.00Other polyethers55
3907.3000.00Epoxide resins55
3907.5000.00Alkyd resins555
3907.6000.61Amorphous PET chips0
3907.6000.69Other Poly (ethylene terephthalate)555
3907.7000.00Poly(lactic acid)55
3907.9900.00Polyacetals, other polyethers and epoxideOther (other polyesters).555
3908.1000.00Polyamide6, 11, 12, 6,6, 6,9, 6,10 or 6,1255
3908.9000.00Other Polyamides in primary forms; Not specified or included55
3909.1000.00Urea resins; thiourea resins55
3909.2000.00Melamine resins555
3909.3000.00Other aminoresins555
3909.4000.00Phenolic resins55
3910.0000.00Silicones in primary forms.55
3911.1000.00Petroleum resins, coumarone, indene or coumaroneindene resins and polyterpenes55
3911.9000.00polysulphides, polysulphones and other products specified55
3912.2000.00Cellulose nitrates (including collodions)55
3912.3100.00Carboxymethylcellulose and its salts55
3912.3900.00Other cellulose ethers, in primary forms, nes55
3912.9000.00Other cellulose and its chemical derivatives in primary forms, nes55
3913.1000.00Alginic acid, its salts and esters55
3913.9000.00Natural polymers (for example,....) Other.55
3914.0000.00Ionexchangers based on polymers of headings 39.01 to 39.13, in primary forms.55
3915.1000.00Of polymers of ethylene55
3915.2000.00Of polymers of styrene55
3915.3000.00Of polymers of vinyl chloride55
3915.9000.00Of other plastics55
3916.1000.00Of polymers of ethylene55
3916.2000.00Of polymers of vinyl chloride55
3916.9000.00Of other plastics55
3917.1000.00Artificial guts (sausage casings) of hardened protein or of cellulosic materials55
3917.2110.00For water supply205
3917.2190.00Tubes, pipes and hoses, rigid Of polymers of ethylene not for For water supply205
3917.2210.00For water supply205
3917.2290.00Other; of polymers of propylene not specified.205
3917.2310.00For for water supply205
3917.2390.00Tubes, pipes and hoses, excluding those for water supply205
3917.2910.00For water supply205
3917.2990.00For use other than water supplyr205
3917.3100.00Flexible tubes, pipes and hoses, having a minimum burst pressure of 27.6 MPa205
3917.3200.00Other, not reinforced or otherwise combined with other materials, without fittings205
3917.3300.00Other, not reinforced or otherwise combined with other materials, with fittings205
3917.3910.00Guts of other plastic material105
3917.3990.00Other Other tubes, pipes and hoses of plastic material205
3917.4010.00For water supply20